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ASICS Australia


Project Vision

ASICS is the world’s third largest shoe company. Their new Sydney offices required a graphic overlay that captured the technical aspects that ASICS footwear and apparel are renowned for.

Working in collaboration with WMK Architecture, THERE Design (Sydney) was asked to highlight the company’s dual focus on movement and technology, providing a stimulating environment while reminding staff and visitors of the company’s core brand values.

The 3,000-sq.-meter office includes a gym, Japanese garden, VIP luxury lounge, mini football field, running track, table tennis court, game room, and five sports-themed meeting rooms. Inspired by the high-tech, innovative aspects of ASICS footwear and apparel, THERE layered large-scale imagery of athletes with technical data, sports terminology, and graphic abstractions of shoe soles to create an organic but “technical looking” graphic overlay for the space.

Project Details
One trend that seems prevalent in our profession is that designers will take a stock image, enlarge it on a wall, and believe it is good graphic design. What captured our attention with this project was not simply the use of large imagery, but the successful layering of information that, together with the imagery, made this a meaningful composition appropriate for an athletic company headquarters. It goes beyond the expected.
Juror 1
Harmonious integration of color, type, imagery, form, and space. Well-balanced creation of a dynamic and stimulating environment.
Juror 2
Design Team

Simon Hancock (creative director), Jon Zhu (designer)

Design Firm

THERE Design


WMK Architecture (project architects)


Wizardy Imaging & Signs (digital wallpapers, cut vinyl)