What it Means to be an SEGD Global Design Awards Juror

The SEGD Global Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for experiential design since 1987 and brings together a jury of talented and inspiring thought leaders to recognize and promote excellence in contemporary experiential design. 

The SEGD Global Design Awards Jury is composed of nine designers who will be responsible for selecting the 2024 Global Design Award winners. The multidisciplinary jury will evaluate projects based on their effectiveness in connecting people to place, creating unique and memorable user experiences while solving design challenges.

SEGD Global Design Awards Jurors are selected based on their contributions to the field of experiential design. Each year, SEGD includes two winners from the previous year to participate as jurors; a representative from the Best of Show and a student winner.

I'm thrilled to announce my role as the Chair of the 2024 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury. Design is a powerful force that influences every facet of our existence. Our intentions are to select jurors with diverse perspectives in both practice and lived experience, to showcase innovative approaches in design and ignite inspiration for the future of design.
– Nu Goteh, 2024 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Chair

Learn more about all of our 2024 Global Design Awards Jurors. And for more information about the awards program, including how to submit your project(s) for consideration, please visit the link below.

About SEGD

We are designers of experiences connecting people to place. SEGD is a multidisciplinary community collectively shaping the future of experience design. We are a thought leader and an amplifier in the practice of experience design. Learn more at segd.org.