Announcing the 2024 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury

The SEGD Global Design Awards have set the standard of excellence for experiential design since 1987 and brings together a jury of talented and inspiring thought leaders to recognize and promote excellence in contemporary experiential design. 

Each year, SEGD recognizes the best-of-the-best in Experiential Design with projects spanning a wide range of topics, disciplines, and verticals within the following categories:

  • Branded Environments
  • Digital Experiences
  • Exhibition
  • Placemaking 
  • Public Installation
  • Strategy/Research/Planning
  • Wayfinding

SEGD is proud to announce the esteemed jury members who will select the 2024 Global Design Award winners. The multidisciplinary jury will evaluate projects based on their effectiveness in connecting people to place, creating unique and memorable user experiences while solving design challenges.

For more information about the awards program, including how to submit your project(s) for consideration, please visit the link below.

2024 Global Design Awards Chair

Chairing the 2024 jury will be Nu Goteh, keynote speaker for 2023 SEGD Conference Experience. Nu Goteh is a multidisciplinary creative & designer who works in audio, visual, and written mediums. He is the co-founder of the strategy and design studio, Room for Magic, and co-founder and creative director of partner publication, Deem Journal. Additionally, Nu is a professor at Parsons School of Design, leading a course entitled Design Dichotomies which explores the intersection of design and society. Nu’s practice is informed by his love for counter/subculture(s), his background as a Liberian-born refugee, and a lifelong dedication to building platforms that enable communities to engage in shared experiences.

I'm thrilled to announce my role as the Chair of the 2024 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury. Design is a powerful force that influences every facet of our existence. Our intentions are to select jurors with diverse perspectives in both practice and lived experience, to showcase innovative approaches in design and ignite inspiration for the future of design.
– Nu Goteh, 2024 SEGD Global Design Awards Jury Chair
2024 Global Design Awards Jury

In addition to Goteh, the 2024 SEGD Global Design Awards jury includes eight other internationally acclaimed designers who will review and help select the Global Design Award winners in March 2024.

Emilie Baltz
Experiential Artist and Creative Director of Gensler DXD

Emilie Baltz is an immersive experience director and artist who explores how the human senses work together to craft perception and meaning. Best known for her delightful, innovative work in food & technology, Emilie uses food as a medium (and metaphor) for designing multisensory experiences. With 20+ years of work in design, performance, events, hospitality, technology and new media, her fluency as a leader across diverse creative industries successfully embraces both analogue and digital experience. Her expertise lies in using the 5 senses to tell stories that deepen engagement through embodiment; inspiring wonder through invention; and fostering world-class teamwork through play. She presently is a Creative Director for Digital Experience Design at Gensler, where she explores how immersive experience and integrated technology can transform the human relationship to space. 

Germane Barnes
Director of Studio Barnes

Germane Barnes is the Principal of Studio Barnes, and Associate Professor and Director of the Master of Architecture Graduate Program at the University of Miami School of Architecture as well as the Director of the Community Housing & Identity Lab (CHIL). Barnes’ practice investigates the connection between architecture and identity, examining architecture’s social and political agency through historical research and design speculation. Believing strongly in design as a process, he approaches each condition imposed on a project as an opportunity for transformation. Born in Chicago, IL Germane Barnes received a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and a Master of Architecture from Woodbury University where he was awarded the Thesis Prize for his project Symbiotic Territories: Architectural Investigations of Race, Identity, and Community.

Anna Crider
Partner at Entro, Past President of the SEGD Board of Directors, Member of SEGD Board of Directors 2016-present

Anna Crider is a Partner in the New York office of Entro, a global interdisciplinary firm that offers design services in branding, wayfinding, signage, environmental graphics, exhibit design, and media architecture. Anna has over 20 years of industry experience in designing for the built environment. Throughout her career, Anna has led comprehensive wayfinding and communication systems for premier clients including Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) Metro, Perelman Performing Arts Center at the World Trade Center, NYU Langone Medicine, Smith College, and the William J. Clinton Presidential Library.

Nick Kapica
Experiential/Graphic/Urbanist, SEGD Wellington Chapter Chair, 2018 SEGD Chapter Chair Award Winner

Nick Kapica is an independent consultant who takes a transdisciplinary approach blending graphic, spatial, and urban design to deliver holistic experiences within the built environment. At Isthmus—an integrated design studio—Nick led city-shaping projects through the interplay of land, people, and culture. Adopting a planet-centric perspective, Nick thrives in confronting challenges with a proactive attitude, harnessing his adept problem-solving, networking, and communication skills.

Norman Lee
Co-Founder and Partner of RE:site Studio

Norman Lee, along with Shane Allbritton, co-founded RE:site. Their Houston-based studio explores notions of community, identity, and narrative in the context of public space. They create dynamic, multi-layered works that exist somewhere between art, architecture, and landscape. Shane and Norman draw on a site’s cultural landscape to generate strong narrative concepts that resonate with local meanings, but also transform and transcend the familiar. Their work is about making connections between themes and ideas that are not typically seen as related, but in fact have deep resonances that converge in a site-specific context. 

Niloufar Maleki
Graphic Designer at Monadnock

Niloufar Maleki is a multidisciplinary experiential graphic designer who rethinks the role of visual communication in the built environment. Having recently achieved a Master of Fine Arts in Design from the esteemed University of California Davis, Nilou stands at the forefront of her profession. With a passion for creating positive social impact, Nilou’s research delves into the transformative power of participation in projects that drive social change. She is interested in community-based design and sparking people’s interactions. By seamlessly blending her artistic prowess with her unwavering commitment to impactful design, Nilou endeavors to leave an indelible mark on the field of Experiential Graphic Design.

Vijay Mathews
Senior Product Art Director at Spotify

Vijay Mathews is the Senior Product Art Director of Spotify. He is a designer with extensive experience leading and designing complex projects and working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams. He specializes in concept and strategy development, product and system design, and implementation. He previously worked at W&CO as a Lead Designer and Co-Founder.

Kristine Matthews
Owner and Principal at Studio Matthews, 2018 SEGD Educator Award Winner

Kristine Matthews is a leader in the sustainable design of communication in the environment, including exhibitions, installations, wayfinding and environmental graphics and interpretation. She established Studio Matthews in 2008 and is the former co-director of thomas.matthews, the award-winning studio she led from 1998 to 2008 in London, England. Clients include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum, Louisiana Children’s Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry Chicago.