SEGD September Week Two – Education

Welcome to Week Two of SEGD September, a month dedicated to our members, both new and renewing. This week’s theme is centered around Education, focusing on the SEGD Academic Task Force. 

  • Week 1: Sept 4-8 | Sharing
  • Week 2: Sept 11-15 | Education
  • Week 3: Sept 18-22 | Gratitude
  • Week 4: Sept 25-29 | Design

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SEGD Academic Task Force (ATF)

The SEGD Academic Task Force (ATF) is a diverse team of (15) US and international design faculty, researchers, and practitioners that collectively share research and resources to advance experiential design education and professional practice. As we celebrate SEGD’s 50 years of education and practice, it is this foundational thought leadership that shifts current practice by engaging future thinking.

This year the ATF committed to multiple initiatives designed to promote knowledge and awareness of EGD / EXD design with a strategic focus on the advancement of design education, research, and publication; diversity, equity, accessibility, and inclusion; and student outreach.

The annual virtual SEGD Academic Summit, a signature virtual event produced by the ATF, has become a forum for global design academics, researchers, and students to share their innovative research, curriculum, and projects. This event is also great for industry members to reconnect with new ideas emerging from researchers today. The ATF sends out an annual Call for Papers and conducts a blind peer review of abstracts submitted from across the globe. The selected authors are then invited to present at the summit and publish full papers in the SEGD academic journal, Communications + Place, to highlight research and insights for professional development and education in the field of experiential graphic design. 

This year the ATF Selection Committee received 30 paper submissions and 15 were selected, including 2 student global design award winners. 

On the first day of the Summit, our virtual global audience included 121 unique participants from 90 unique locations and 10 diverse countries (BR , CA , DE , ES , GB , IT , MX , MY , TR , US). On the second day of the Summit, our audience included 104 unique participants from 73 unique locations and 11 diverse countries (CA , DE , GB , ID , KR , LV , MX , NL , SE , TR , US ). 

View this 2023 SEGD Academic Agenda to see the diverse range of presentation and research topics shared with our global audience.

In addition to producing the annual Academic Summit, the ATF holds approximately 9 annual meetings designed to move our strategic goals and initiatives forward through the focused work of 4 sub-committees. This year we have advanced our vision to —

  • develop strategies for elevating the merit and requirements for publication in the SEGD Academic Journal, Communications + Place, as well as incorporate inclusive design considerations for the visual + hearing Impaired
  • support SEGD staff in developing content to support the 50th Anniversary future project archival initiatives
  • broaden EGD/EXD awareness and resources for faculty, students, and practitioners specifically HBCU colleges, adjacent industries, independent curators, and nonprofits
  • increase EGD/EXD university programs and degrees 
  • develop EGD/EXD education core competencies to inform and guide curriculum development, and practicum strategies to prepare students for entry level positions in the industry
  • establish additional SEGD student groups both at the university and high school levels

In January 2021, SEGD began piloting student groups in partnership with members of our Academic Task Force and Local Chapters led by Amy Rees, Adjunct Faculty, Drexel University, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, Studio Director, Exit Design; and Kris Helmick, SEGD Chapter Chair Liaison, SEGD Board since 2017, Associate Vice President of Environmental Graphics at Callison RTKL, Los Angeles, CA. We currently have (4) active student groups (FIT New York Chapter, DAAP Cincinnati Chapter, Sheridan College Toronto Chapter, and Univ of the Arts Philly Chapter). To get started, contact Amy Rees,

The first 50 years of SEGD is a testament to the enduring and impactful relevance of our field. As we look to the next 50 years, let’s embark on a shared vision, united by our passion for design and commitment to learning and growth! We are driven to make a difference through transformative design, education, and thought leadership.

For more information about the work of the SEGD Academic Task Force, please contact Joell Angel-Chumbley, MFA, SEGD Academic Task Force Chair and Education Liaison to the Board of Directors,

2023-24 Academic Task Force Members

Joell Angel-Chumbley, Assistant Professor, Univ of Cincinnati, DAAP; SEGD Academic Task Force Chair and Liaison to the Board of Directors; Experiential Design Lead, City of Cincinnati, Office of Urban Design and Architecture

Yeohyun (Yeyin) Ahn, Assistant Professor of Graphic Design & Interaction Design, University of Wisconsin Madison

Aija Freimane, Design Researcher, Professor at TU Dublin School of Creative Arts, Ireland; Member of SEGD Riga Chapter, Latvia 

Angela Iarocci, Professor & Coordinator, Sheridan College, Faculty of Animation, Arts & Design

Michael Lee Poy, Assistant Professor of Design, Ontario College of Design University  

George Lim, Lecturer, University of Colorado School of Environmental Design; Founding Partner Tangram Design; Former SEGD Denver Chapter Chair; Former SEGD Board Member

Christina Lyons, Professor & Chair, Fashion Institute of Technology, Graduate Exhibition & Experience Design

Tim McNeil, Professor, UC Davis, Department of Design / Director, UC Davis Design Museum 

Muhammad Rahman, Assistant Professor, Univ of Cincinnati, DAAP; PhD Candidate DAAP Architecture; Assistant Editor of the Visible Language peer-reviewed design journal

Amy Rees, Adjunct Faculty, Drexel University, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, Studio Director, Exit Design

Loran Sanvido, Adjunct Faculty, Univ of Cincinnati, DAAP

Debra Satterfield, Professor of Design, California State University, Long Beach   

Neeta Verma, Associate Professor, University of Notre Dame, Visual Communication Design

Willhemina Wahlin, Acting Associate Head of School, School of Communication and Creative Industries, Faculty of Arts and Education 

Michele Y. Washington, Design researcher /strategists, Faculty Fashion Institute of Technology, Exhibition & Experience Design

SEGD September

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