Yeohyun Ahn

Yeohyun Ahn



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July 2020

2022 SEGD Educator Award
Ahn is an award-winning graphic designer, educator, and researcher in collaboration with creative coding, diversity, and global leadership. She leads several research projects: the interdisciplinary typography project TYPE+CODE Series; a multidisciplinary project to bring awareness to Asian female faculty in America titled Social Homelessness on US campuses; and Evolving Graphic Design to bring academic diversity.

Ahn received the SEGD Educator Award in 2022. Featured in the Washington Post, PRINT, New York Times Magazine, Creator’s Project,, etc., Published in Graphic Design: The New Basics, Type on Screen, and Data-Driven Graphic Design and presented and exhibited at SIGGRAPH, Leonardo (MIT Press), IEEE VIS, ISEA, AIGA, SEGD, Atypi, Etc. Ahn holds an MFA in Graphic Design from MICA. She is on committees for the CAA Annual Conference and the Academic Task Force of the Society of Experiential Graphic Design.