Recall & Response: A New Exhibition from Morgan State University

This week, SEGD is excited to highlight an upcoming project from coleman a. jordan and his students at Morgan State University. To hear more about this and other projects from coleman and his students, be sure to register for SEGD Exhibition + Experience Design, happening June 20-21 in Washington DC.

Project Background:

In 2021, Assistant Professor coleman a. jordan [ebo] was invited to curate an exhibition that showcased the architecture programs of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) called “WE the 7” at the Venice Architecture Bienniale. This prestigious event was sponsored by the European Cultural Centre (ECC), and it successfully highlighted the exemplary work of our students while demonstrating the historical and present significance of HBCUs.

Following the success of the 2021 exhibition, the ECC has invited coleman and Morgan State University’s School of Architecture + Planning to design and build a pavilion for the 2025 Venice Bienniale Architecture Exhibition, with the theme of “Time Space Existence.” The Venice Architecture Bienniale has grown to over 400,000 visitors per year.

Project Description:

The pavilion design, inspired by the djembe drum and the West African dundun, a talking drum, carries a profound cultural significance. Drums, historically used as communication instruments in various regions, including West Africa, Congo Square in New Orleans, the atabaque drum in Brazil, the steel drum of the Caribbean, and the drumline drummers in HBCUs, symbolize our voice. The cultural QR code will be the drum, making a powerful statement about our heritage and identity.

The exhibition, titled “RECALL & RESPONSE,” will collaborate with Tuskegee University and the Pan African Heritage Museum (PAHM) organizers in Ghana. The PAHM will house artifacts plundered from the African continent by West European countries. Therefore, the pavilion will be a technical satellite venue where visitors can view the museum and artifacts in their collection, opening a global dialogue with academic and architectural professionals. The exhibition allows HBCUs to create design collaborations, exhibits, and publications and celebrate the global impacts of African and African Diaspora architecture, design, and culture.

Call for Sponsorship:

We are now calling for sponsors to help us raise the amount needed to cover the cost of the architecture and band students’ travel and accommodations, exhibition and documentation materials, and general pavilion building expenses. Any donations are greatly appreciated, and in return, we will advertise your business logo during the exhibition.

By sponsoring us, you will not only contribute to a worldwide conversation and celebration of architectural diversity and significance but also gain significant brand exposure. Your support will be acknowledged during the exhibition, providing a unique opportunity to enhance your brand’s visibility and reputation.

Design Team:

Amos Gambrah
Opeyemi Ikoton
Andrew Bui
Austin Tucker
Charlotte Egede
Amma Asamoah
coleman a. jordan

For more information, please contact:

coleman a. jordan | ebo 734.646.2321


Exhibition Date: May 24 – November 23, 2025

Festival Opening with Morgan State University Band performance in June during the Venice Art Festival.