Join Us for the 2023 SEGD Branded Environments and Xlab Events!

Dive deep into the intersection of digital and physical experiences at this year’s SEGD Branded Environments & Xlab event through interactive sessions and storytelling experiences November 2nd and 3rd in New York City. Learn more about the events here.

Branded Experiences lead the way in seamlessly integrating the digital and physical realms. As pioneers in the experience economy, our challenge is to evolve audience interaction from passive observation to immersive storytelling and active engagement, transforming them from mere viewers to dedicated fans and ultimately, brand ambassadors.

Our journey begins on Day 1 Branded Environments, with a captivating full-conference engagement session that explores the evolving landscape of storytelling. Discover insights from industry leaders during breakout sessions and case studies that delve into the most trending topics of our field.

Day 2 promises an enlightening exploration at XLAB. Here, we will unravel the mysteries of emerging technologies that craft enchanting experiences. Delve into pivotal strategies for their application, and engage in thought-provoking workshops addressing the ethics, equity, and inclusion in AI, and how these can be leveraged for personalized storytelling and elevated engagement.

This event is not just about learning; it’s about breaking barriers in design, technology, and marketing. And that’s not all! Stay tuned for mesmerizing evening events and tours that are sure to be unforgettable.

Meet Our Esteemed Co-Chairs for the 2023 SEGD Event

Nasya Kamrat

Introducing Nasya Kamrat, the dynamic Co-founder and CEO of FACULTY. This certified women-owned spatial storytelling agency is known for crafting human-centric experiences for top-tier global brands. Nasya’s reputation as an award-winning creative strategist is well-earned, with her impressive work encompassing traditional, interactive, experiential, and digital media.

She stands out as a passionate creative strategist and futurist, dedicating her career to navigating intricate brand challenges. Her vision with Faculty was clear: to seamlessly blend strategy, storytelling, technology, and content, creating truly unique and human-centric experiences.

Beyond her professional prowess, Nasya is deeply committed to giving back. She volunteers her time and expertise as a mentor for PDX Women in Tech and the PIE Incubator Experiment. Moreover, she proudly stands as a founding member of both Komuna and the World Experience Organization.

Stephanie Riggs

Stephanie Riggs is no stranger to the world of immersive experiences. With a rich history as a Disney Imagineer and the Experiential Creative Director at Refinery29/Vice Media, Stephanie brings to the table an impressive 25 years of experience intertwining storytelling with groundbreaking immersive technology. This spans the realms of theater, theme parks, films, VR, and AR.

Currently at the helm of Odeon Theatrical as its CEO, she’s been hailed by the VRAR Association as a true “renaissance woman of the immersive era.”

Stephanie’s influential collaborations extend from Instagram to Google, with remarkable accomplishments such as pioneering the first VR feature film and capturing President Obama in an immersive 360 VR experience. As an articulate speaker and the acclaimed author of “The End of Storytelling,” Stephanie’s influence doesn’t end there. She has co-founded numerous immersive initiatives, spearheaded vital research at renowned institutions, and possesses dual degrees from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University.

Join us this November and benefit from the unparalleled expertise of Nasya and Stephanie. Dive deep, be inspired, and discover the future of experiences. Secure your spot now!

About SEGD  

We are designers of experiences connecting people to place. SEGD is a multidisciplinary community collectively shaping the future of experience design. We are a thought leader and an amplifier in the practice of experience design.

SEGD is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit education organization.

2023 SEGD Branded Environments + Xlab Co-Chairs

  • Nasya Kamrat

  • Stephanie Riggs

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