Join Us for SEGD Tools: “Optimizing Sound in Museum Exhibits” with Steve Haas

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Join us on Tuesday, May 21, 2024 from 12:00 – 1:00 pm ET for our first SEGD Tools webinar of the year, titled “Optimizing Sound in Museum Exhibits” and presented by Steve Haas, CEO/Principal Consultant of SH Acoustics.

World culture has been put on view and celebrated in museums dedicated to subjects as wide ranging as history, music & arts, military, ethnic communities, nature, and sports & leisure. In creating exhibitions that bring these historical and cultural aspects to life, designers more than ever have been including sound environments and audio programs to accompany and, in some cases, be the centerpiece of their experiences. SH Acoustics has responded to these design requirements by bringing advanced understanding and experience with audio-delivery technologies, new acoustic materials to control sound and the application of psycho-acoustics – i.e., how sound affects the visitor’s emotions and experiences. The results have brought a new aural versatility and control to museum environments.

This seminar will specifically cover:

  • Fitting the sound design process within an a museum project
  • The Sonic Triad – Acoustics, Audio Delivery and Media Optimization
  • Acoustic Treatment – Base Building vs Exhibit Solutions
  • How to Effectively Prepare the Exhibit Space for Sound
  • The Four F’s of Audio Delivery
  • Media Content Considerations
  • What is Audio Calibration and why is it Critical?
  • Inclusive Design – Acoustic and Audio Considerations

Webinar outcomes:

  • Gain an overall understanding of the importance of sound usage in museum exhibits.
  • Learn about the relationship between acoustic environment, audio delivery and media content.
  • Develop an appreciation for how effective and predictable acoustic strategies can be for delivering a high-quality visitor experience.

This webinar is free for SEGD Members with advanced registration, and just $50 USD for all other participants. Register today!

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