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July 2017

Steve Haas is the CEO and Principal Consultant of SH Acoustics, one of the leading specialists in acoustics and audio for museums, exhibition galleries and themed entertainment venues. We work with architects, exhibit designers, multimedia producers and systems integrators to achieve optimum quality and control of sound in many types of base building and exhibit spaces.

In our projects, we address room acoustics, sound isolation, noise/vibration control and audio delivery plus calibration for performance spaces, interactive exhibits, multimedia theaters, public event spaces and many other areas common in museum facilities.
Our US and international work has included numerous small to medium-sized regional museums as well as major institutions.

Ask me about

What is the “Sonic Triad”?

My super power is

Solving challenges in ways that others don’t consider.

I'm looking for

People who want to learn more about what and why we do what we do with sound.

What I love about experience design

I love the opportunity to be an evangelist for quality sound in learning and entertaining spaces typically found within museums and experiential venues.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Never stop believing in the importance of what you do.

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Exhibition, Interactive


Corporate, Cultural, Entertainment, Museums, Visitor Centers