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Turn your visitors into fans. One integrated cloud-based CX navigation platform, PAM removes barriers to personalize places to people. We turn friction to flow, obstacles to opportunities, and visitors into fans. By taking people exactly to where they want to be, we’re making places more profitable, productive and pleasurable. Enable your environment and your customers to completely understand one another. Create powerful customer experiences, seamlessly connecting your visitors with events and brands in real-time. Many products and systems do parts of what PAM does, but we are the first complete digital wayfinding system that seamlessly integrates the operational, environmental, and experiential across any environment. The bigger the place, the more ambitious the plan, the more challenges appear. If a customer pain point isn’t seen, understood, or addressed, everything breaks down. The world’s most intelligent and intuitive Smart Navigation platform, PAM removes all kinds of barriers, turning complex spaces into much-loved places. PAM embraces your pain. We know where challenges exists, and provide you with the solutions to deal with these challenges as they happen.

– Confusing environments become easy and enjoyable to navigate
– Outdated signs, maps and content can be updated in seconds
– Lost, frustrated or disengaged visitors become loyal fans
– Undiscovered retail venues attract visitors and drive spend
– Buildings become resilient, adaptive, inclusive and ‘smart’
– Destinations become ‘sticky’ by removing barriers & bottlenecks – Expensive processes become cost-efficient and planet-friendly.

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Digital, Signage, Smart Cities


Entertainment, Recreation, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Urban + Civic