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PAM’s smart navigation technology is transforming city districts into intuitive, pleasurable and profitable places. Our digital product suite augments traditional wayfinding signage with digital technologies to enhance the user experience. Digital tools for experience designers to create dynamic content across multiple digital touch points easily.

Transform any campus into a flexible platform for any operational scenario and deliver real-time information that is always on brand. A journey often starts at home, where visitors want to explore and plan ahead to be confident when they arrive, eXplorer maps provide managers with control over realistic digital maps on websites, mobile devices and interactive kiosks.

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PAM Projects – Audit, plan, implement and maintain physical signage across your environment so it is easy to manage across multiple project stakeholders.

Digital Places – Provide great customer experiences on dynamic digital maps that adapt to each day and event.

360 Live – Bring environments to life with frictionless navigation across every touchpoint, including digital signage and interactive kiosks.

Outcomes & Benefits
– Designers create superior wayfinding & activation experiences.
– Clients achieve better CX ratings, brand value and revenue.
– Visitors experience intuitive, smart, social & connected environments.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Digital Experiences, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Destination Experiences, Digital, Interactive, Interpretive, Signage, Smart Cities


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Museums, Recreation, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers, Workplace