GHD Partners

Firm Details

GHD Partners, LLC is a New York-based multidisciplinary design studio with a specialization in graphics and signage for the built environment. At our core, we are a team of collaborators empowering others through storytelling, innovation, and accessibility in spaces.

We believe in the power of design to affect change and solve problems. Our disciplined approach is rooted in proactive engagement and authentic dialogues with our clients. By immersing ourselves in their world, we champion their aspirations, narrative, and vision. We are a team of relentless innovators and trusted experts, guided by our commitment to rigor, design excellence, and an unwavering passion for our craft.

GHD Partners has consistently and successfully operated since it was established in 1997. Our holistic approach to design encapsulates the philosophy that “design is one,” fostering an environment where each member of our team approaches projects without the constraints of a specific discipline. With a diverse team of seasoned professionals spanning various design facets, we wholeheartedly embrace this multidisciplinary perspective as a collective force.

Throughout our history, we’ve been at the forefront of environmental graphic design and are pioneers in the creation of branded workplaces. Our expertise spans a broad range of sectors, from corporate settings to cultural institutions. In the corporate realm, we execute strategic branding and placemaking projects, developing unique branded environments and spaces. Similarly, we have a rich history in designing exhibitions, comprehensive interior and exterior environmental graphics, and wayfinding systems. Regardless of the client or sector, we always prioritize the client’s vision, fostering long-term relationships.

Over the years, our exemplary work has garnered attention from renowned media outlets and has been showcased in various publications. Our dedication to creating enduring designs that impact how people navigate and engage with spaces is further evidenced by awards and recognition in both national and international design circles. We continue to evolve, making a significant mark on the design landscape with our unique, integrated approach.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Exhibition, Other, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Exhibition, Graphic, Signage


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Museums, Retail, Sports, Workplace