Our Committees

From our Sustainability Committee to our Accessible Design Task Force to our Racial Justice Commission, SEGD committees advance our mission.


Our committees play a vital role in advancing SEGD’s mission. Volunteer committee members support our work by bringing together invaluable insights informed by diverse perspectives. Their research and recommendations align our goals and shape our path forward, facilitating communication and collaboration, and ensuring accountability and transparency. Participation in our committees provides equitable opportunities for deeper engagement, leadership, and influence within SEGD and the experience design profession as a whole.

Meet our committees

Racial Justice Commission (RJC)
Increasing diversity and representation in SEGD membership, program attendance, and awards, investing in opportunities for BIPOC professionals, and harnessing data and demographics to track our progress and accountability.

Academic Task Force
Organizing the SEGD Academic Summit, reviewing submissions for papers and presentations, and developing the set of core competencies that prepare emerging designers for professional success.

Accessible Design Task Force
Giving the SEGD community a voice at the federal level with seats on the U.S. Access Board Council, safeguarding the laws and regulations surrounding accessibility in the built environment, and contributing to industry progress by upholding and enhancing accessibility codes for the built environment.

Emerging Experiential Professionals (EXP)
Providing unique opportunities for students, emerging professionals, and professionals transitioning into the experience design field to connect with peers, have a voice, and participate in mentor/mentee relationships that will last throughout their careers.

International Committee
Serving the needs of SEGD’s international members, chapters, and partners by collecting data and feedback from members outside the U.S., establishing goals, identifying regional leaders, and making recommendations to strengthen SEGD’s global network.

Membership Committee
Demonstrating the value of SEGD membership, expanding and diversifying our membership, creating pathways for inclusion, growing our global reach, strengthening member networks, and fostering stronger connections within our SEGD community.

Strategy/Revenue Committee
Guiding SEGD’s financial sustainability, fostering strategic partnerships, acknowledging supporters, enhancing fundraising capabilities, and cultivating advisory networks to expand reach, foster innovation, and enhance member support, embodying SEGD’s vision for future growth.

Sustainability Committee
Establishing best practices for sustainability within experience design, creating resources and an action plan to reduce our industry’s carbon footprint, advancing the impact of our practice on environmental wellbeing.