Twitch Headquarters

Finalist 2019

Twitch is a unique and engaging brand that required a smart, highly customized design for their headquarter’s signage and wayfinding system. The ultimate solution utilized Twitch’s platform rewards system (gems) as a design element for room blades, demarking the size of each meeting room with different “gem” types. Additionally, playful gaming inspired graphics were applied to the floors of the servery and dining areas to aide in queuing and wayfinding at the various food stations.

Injecting the whimsical and bold nature of the Twitch brand, while respecting the unique architecture of the new headquarters space, was key to success in this project. The symmetrical nature of the working floors set up a system that divides the floorplate in half using an L or R in the room number, allowing users to quickly eliminate half the sizable floorplate when navigating to a room. Clean typographic layouts on varied substrates, including concrete, gyp and wallcovering, support quick initial decision making and en route decision reinforcement. Two styles of blade signs differentiate bookable conference rooms from amenities spaces, utilizing a subtle but calculated system to identify the size hierarchy of bookable rooms through branded touches.

Both client and user feedback has been overwhelmingly complimentary with no requests for changes or adjustments to strategy, location, or messaging. On the sky design side, the project has generated future business leads.

Design Firms: 

Sky Design



Project Area: 

150,000 sq ft

Open Date: 

November 2018

Project Budget: 


Photo Credits: 

Adrianna Cai, Mariko Reed (photography)

Design Team: 

Amy Tamburro (principal in charge), Colin Fowler (design director), Adrianna Cai (environmental designer), Nitza Thien (project manager)


Specialized Graphics (shop drawings, fabrication, installation)

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