The Third China Design Exhibition & Public Art Thematic Exhibition

Finalist 2019

With the theme of "New Era & New Life," this exhibition showcases the positive exploration and outstanding achievements of Chinese design and public art in serving the national strategy, promoting social development and improving people's lives in the new era. It also demonstrates how Chinese design can integrate into the context of globalization in a state of constant self-iteration.

"Smart city" is a simulation of modern urban imagination, using the tension of laser film to shape and embrace the Internet information age with gorgeous materials. "Science-Arts" is a fusion taking advantage of the diverse visual sensations brought about by the information age and highlighting the combination of science and art in a scientific and technological way. "Design Art in Traditional Activation" is an expression technique of the settlement pattern of Chinese traditional folk houses to look back at the history and cultural course of China.

Design Firms: 

China Academy of Art


The Third China Design Exhibition & Public Art Thematic Exhibition

Open Date: 

October 2018

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