Water Formula

Merit Award
Water Formula, EPAL (Portuguese Water Company), P-06 Atelier

P-06 Atelier’s wayfinding design project for the new EPAL Central Laboratory (the Portuguese Water Company), was developed in partnership with the architect Gonçalo Byrne. The building contains two upper floors of laboratories, as well as a parking level.

P-06 Atelier

Wayfinding | Europe

SEGD Webinar: Wayfinding Europe Banner


Thursday, December 12, 2013 - 2:00pm

The Wayfinding | Europe will be held December 12, 2013.

SEGD returns to the roots of our profession and looks at the latest design innovations coming from emerging and long-standing practices across Europe. Join us for this unique web-based lecture showcasing diverse projects across multiple market segments including commercial, educational, and institutional projects.

$95.00 for Non-Members
$75.00 for SEGD Members
$10.00 for Students. Students only: Click here to register with SEGD.

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Steve Reinisch

You design. I detail.

You get to do what you like to do
and I, with you, get to do what I like to do.
You get to design, I get to detail.

And in the era of mission statements,
mine (in eight words!) is this:

Preserving and honoring your design
through articulate documentation.

The purpose of my work is for you to have the results you seek.

This translates to the detailing and documentation/ packaging of your work for fabrication/ installation that will free you to focus on doing what you enjoy doing - design.


Steve Reinisch, TheGreatDetailGuy
Los Angeles

Dimensional Maps

From the archives, circa 2012: Despite my anticipation and glee at what technology will allow us to do in the future, I want to sing the praises of what could be considered a rather antiquated wayfinding form: the tactile or dimensional tabletop-style map.


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