Virtual Reality

An interesting Perspective on the Growth of VR/AR

Most technology companies in the 20th century began as business to business applications developers. B2B applications development, used to make money pay for the initial development that eventually leads to the killer app for a technology. At that point the product usually moves on to become affordable, reliable and easy to use and morphs into a consumer product. This is not the path of VR/AR so far.

Pokemon? It might be a fad, but take a serious look at the underlying technology.

The Pokemon Go is a potential alternative interface between data and people in the built environment. Possibly not the right one yet, but a very interesting idea for the Experiential Graphic Design community.

Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of a computer-generated environment with which a person or people can simulate physical interaction via specialized electronic equipment such as a headset, omnidirectional treadmills or gloves. These items help to further the sensory illusion of reality.


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