Carol Hyland

Carol Hyland has over 25 years of project management and business development experience in the design industry. In business, as in life, Carol Hyland has a special fondness for originality and appreciates things that last and endure as well as people and principles that have stood the test of time. Beyond her formal design studies, Carol Hyland is continually learning and sharing her understandings of how visual communication directly impacts our clients and their ever-changing market place.

Carol Hyland, CS Creative
Vancouver, Canada

Open Buildings

Wouldn’t it be great if all chandeliers could descend from the ceiling, at the push of a button, in order to change a light bulb? Yes, it would, and in the case of the Chan Centre for Performing Arts, it is not just a chandelier but also an acoustic canopy, which can be customized and adjusted to bring musical performances to complete perfection.

Kevin Patey

Kevin Patey is Creative Director at AJP, a consulting firm specialising in Scoreboard and Video Display Design.

A fifth-generation signwriter - he grew up in an traditional sign shop just as hand lettering was at its zenith and the era of vinyl & digital signage was dawning - giving him a unique perspective on design philosophy.

Kevin Patey, AJP
Anthony James Partners (AJP)
Victoria, BC

Chrissy Davey

I am a creative professional with a diverse educational and experiential background in graphic design, photography and marketing.

My passion is discovering unique stories in all aspects of life, and then creating compelling and relatable written and visual content. Design, photography, and writing all have a cozy place in my heart (though each battles it out for a piece of my time. It's a delicate balance).

Chrissy Davey, SmartDesign Group
SmartDesign Group

Vancouver Community Library

Merit Award 2014
Vancouver Community Library

A “drawer full of knowledge” metaphorically describes the building design and wayfinding concept for the new Vancouver Community Library. A 200-foot long, four-story atrium is the open drawer, exposing the library’s contents and encouraging exploration.

Mayer/Reed (wayfinding), Miller Hull Partnership (architecture), AldrichPears Associates (interpretive installation)

Stephen Sinclaire

Stephen is the principal designer at Sinclaire Design a Calgary, Canada-based consultancy specializing in corporate identity and experiential graphic design.

For over 25 years our aim is to reach the ultimate vision for our clients. We take take pride in our reputation for professional communication, research, design and project management.

Stephen Sinclaire
Sinclaire Design
Calgary, AB


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