"Start an Evolution" Donor Recognition

Merit Award 2017
"Start an Evolution"Donor Recognition

This interactive light installation located at the heart of the University of British Columbia, provides a colorful expression of thanks to the over 4,000 donors to the University's "start an evolution" fundraising campaign, which raised an unprecedented two billion dollars.

The University asked PUBLIC: Architecture + Communication to design an engaging, permanent and timeless outdoor feature that would give thanks to the donors to their recent "start an evolution" fundraising campaign. The brief was to create anything but a typical donor wall.

Pollinator Park

Finalist 2017
Pollinator Park

This street art enlivens a derelict industrial wall surrounding Vancouver's newest pop-up park. The site, an urban garden dedicated to promoting pollinators–bees—in the city, is a former industrial site on a block that will eventually be developed entirely into park. Until then, one corner of the block is being dedicated as a park with homes for bees. Until the next stage of development, the borders of the park would have been stark grey walls.

LIGHT UP WINTER! Happy Hour Social

Thursday, February 18, 2016 - 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Please join members of the Vancouver design community for a drink, inspiration and networking. Meet other local designers working in signage design, wayfinding, museum design, experience design, retail graphic design—all manner of type, image and more applied indoors and out. Local talent, Eos Lightmedia will share some of their most recent projects from museums and attractions around the world.

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Susan Mavor

Susan Mavor is co-chair of the Vancouver Chapter.

From her roots in theatre design, followed by book, stamp, and brand design, Susan co-founded two collaborative design groups in Vancouver, Canada: PUBLIC Architecture + Communication, and Story Space Studio. Susan leads wayfinding and interpretive storytelling projects up and down the west coast, at parks, campuses and cities from Lima, Peru to Juneau, Alaska. 

Susan Mavor, Principal Communication Design at PUBLIC

Carol Hyland

Carol Hyland has over 25 years of project management and business development experience in the design industry. In business, as in life, Carol Hyland has a special fondness for originality and appreciates things that last and endure as well as people and principles that have stood the test of time. Beyond her formal design studies, Carol Hyland is continually learning and sharing her understandings of how visual communication directly impacts our clients and their ever-changing market place.

Carol Hyland, CS Creative
Vancouver, Canada


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