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Kelly Franznick

Kelly Franznick is the Chief Experience Officer and Co-Founder of Blink UX, a Seattle-based user experience research and design firm specializing in digital products. Kelly Franznick is passionate about making our daily interactions with technology more innovative, intuitive and rewarding. While growing Blink from two to over 60 employees, he has worked with hundreds of clients, from tech-sector heavy hitters like Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft to startups and non-profits.

Kelly Franznick, Blink
Seattle, WA

A Very Bright Wayfinding System at The University of Technology Sydney

Wayfinding Totems Image

BrandCulture's eyecatching signs are not just another pretty wayfinding system. There's very smart technology behind these signs. Their bold color is not only the culmination of a design and installation that revolutionized wayfinding on the campus of The University of Technology (UTS) in Sydney, it's a fully digitally-integrated signage system that may be coming soon to a similarly challenged land-of-the-lost-campus near you.

Andrea Fineman

Andrea Fineman is a designer at Adaptive Path, a user experience design and consulting firm in San Francisco. Fineman is also a coder, a service design enthusiast, and a 2015 graduate of Carnegie Mellon's master's program in interaction design. Her research on customer/employee interaction, personalization, and data is published in SEGD’s online academic research journal Communication + Place.

Andrea Fineman
Andrea Fineman Sketchbook
San Francisco


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