Steven Stamper

SEGD President 2008-2009

Steven L. Stamper, SEGD was one of the founders of fd2s in 1985 and currently leads the team as it addresses critical strategic and technical issues related to wayfinding, orientation, and placemaking in the environment.

Steve Stamper
Austin, TX

SEGD Love Stories - Dondi Aguirre

SEGD Love Stories - Dondi Aguirre

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SEGD Love Stories 

SEGDers encompass a global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place. Our community includes over 2,000 members from 35 countries, and everyone has an SEGD love story. Whether it’s participating in an event that advanced your design perspective, meeting someone who would become a lifelong creative collaborator, or discovering a new project or person that inspired you to learn more about the practice, SEGD has fostered countless connections over the years.

Direct Embed Powder Coated Graphics Leading 2.0 Projects | Murals for Building Facades and Garages

Direct Embed Powder Coated Graphics Leading 2.0 Projects | Murals for Building Facades and Garages

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Direct Embed has had an incredible 2021 with the expansion of our 2.0 campaign to move powder coated graphics into architecture, exhibition and placemaking solutions. Architects and designers have found new opportunities for powder coated graphics which have led to amazing projects.

Austin Central Library

Finalist 2020
Austin Central Library

Touted as the City of Austin’s new “living room”, the new Central Library is equal parts library and community center. The Escher-like effect of the multi-level atrium, with its crisscrossing stairs and bridges, gives the facility a cohesive feel both laterally and vertically while providing an abundance of natural light.

National Sign Company Kieffer | Starlite Joins SEGD As Industry Member

They want to point out that being an industry member of SEGD is congruent with their focus on innovative manufacturing to construct custom-designed signage to support the design vision and customer brand/intention.


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