Systems Design

Systems Design?

Systems design is simply the design of systems versus the design of individual components. It implies a systematic and rigorous approach that can be scaled to projects of varying sizes and levels of complexity.

Systems design transcends individual design discipline and instead focuses on the process of defining the architecture, modules, components, interfaces, and staging of a project or product. It formalizes the steps and tasks required to complete a project.

Podcast | Defining the City - Developing Urban Identity, Interpretive & Wayfinding Systems

Podcast 11 Speakers


What you will learn

Eighty designers, fabricators, and city and Chapter Chairs met at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to hear about the latest trends, regulatory hurdles, and special skills required to develop urban wayfinding, banner programs, kiosks, and other urban projects.

Advanced Room Numbering

Podcast Ferdinand Meyer V


What you will learn

Based on past tradition and present issues, what room number structures work best for what type of facilities? This course focuses on three building types where numbering is a critical issue: airports, hospitals, and office complexes. However, the conventions can apply to almost any building type.

Podcast | Creating Effective Design Guidelines

Podcast John Muhlhausen


What you will learn

John Muhlhausen,one of the founders and leaders of SEGD, is back! Hear him speak on one of the foundations of environmental graphic design: developing design guidelines. Guidelines codify your design intent and ensure that future users maintain design consistency. Using leading design guidelines from the past and guidelines from corporate, transportation, other wayfinding, and branding projects, John shows you what it takes to create a complete and long-lasting design guideline.

Podcast | Environmental Graphic Design for Building Security and Building Egress

Podcast Bob Loza + Tom Horton


What you will learn

 Secure entrance and safe egress are two leading issues underlying most EGD projects today, linked in that there must be a reassurance of building safety in all modern buildings. This course looks at the cutting edge of security environmental graphics and US Government benchmarking for secure but non-threatening wayfinding and information design. The lecture extends into the issue of safety design and is an excellent source on the leading issues in a segment of EGD that permeates nearly every project.

Transportation Collection

Click to read more about the SEGD Transportation Podcast Collection

What you will Learn:
This pack is designed for those working on transportation projects that require the management of information in complex facilities and multi-modal hubs. Case studies for Airports, Train Stations, and Mass Transit systems are covered from both an information design, and experience design perspective from experts in this area of practice. The Collections materials are suitable for an advanced level design professional.


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