Skyline Design - New York Design Center

Photo of Skylline Design Showroom

Skyline Design (Chicago) recently opened its expanded showroom in the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue. Located in Aristeia Metro’s showroom on the 14th floor, the remodeled space features 12 glass panels in award-winning patterns displayed in full size and scale. It showcases a range of techniques, opacities, and designs from select collections, as well as artwork from Henry Domke.

Blueraven Creative

Photo of SensoryPEN

Blueraven Creative (Wauconda, Ill.) created SensoryPEN, a new, affordable, and fun way to add audio description, multiple languages, games, and interactive audio components to a museum's exhibits.

SensoryPENS play audio recordings when touched to specially printed, almost invisible codes that are embedded into various substrates: laminated paper, vinyl, high-pressure laminate, tile, porcelain enamel, and more.

ClearPath Signage Systems/Rowmark

ClearPath Signage Systems/Rowmark (Findlay, Ohio) announced the launch of Tech Talk, a new interactive technical help YouTube series, designed to provide end users with best practices in laser/rotary fabrication techniques, as well as tips and tricks on working with Rowmark products for engraving and sign-making. Episode 1, launched in February 2013, demonstrates how to achieve optimal fabrication results with Rowmark’s LaserMax® product line.


AccuBraille (S. San Francisco, Calif.) is introducing EcoBraille, a fully compliant ADA sign made of 100% post-consumer waste. With testing complete, the company will take orders for EcoBraille beginning in March. The signs are made of ABS plastics derived from items such as computer towers, monitors, scanners, and printers. The signs feature a unique organic look that does not require painting, but AccuBraille can also finish the signs using Matthews Low-VOC paints.

ClearPath Signage Systems/Rowmark

Photo of Andrew Madden of Rowmark

ClearPath Signage Systems/Rowmark (Findlay, Ohio) announced the appointment of Andrew Madden to Rowmark Europe EMEA Sales Manager. In his new role, Madden will work with Rowmark Europe’s authorized distributors to support and align the company with their sales and marketing needs. He will also work closely with the Rowmark Europe Customer Service group to help solidify areas directly related to sales growth, manage customer relationships, and provide superior service.

GKD-USA - Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi

GKD-USA (Cambridge, Md.) completed projects including the Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi, the world’s furthest-leaning tower. Clad with custom GKD’s Tigris 2100, the stainless steel splash that descends from the 19th floor is a design element and shading device that eliminates more than 30% of the sun’s heat before it reaches the Capital Gate building. The splash also twists around the building toward the south to shield the tower as much as possible from direct sunlight.


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