Spring Stadium Event w/ the St. Paul Saints!

A successful MSP Chapter event took place with the Saint Paul Saints & Owner Tom Whaley.

This was our biggest event to-date with over 55+ in attendance!

Tom Whaley, Owner/Executive Vice-President St. Paul Saints Baseball Club, spoke on the design of the new Lowertown Ballpark; the overall feel and fan experience; signage & wayfinding, and how the new ballpark will benefit the surrounding neighborhood in the Lowertown Historical District. 

MegaFaces Pavilion

Honor Award 2014
MegaFaces Pavilion

The MegaFaces pavilion, located at the entrance to the Sochi 2014 Olympic Park, was commissioned by MegaFon, one of Russia’s largest telecom companies and a general partner in the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. MegaFon’s two most important brand components are high-tech innovations and people—more that 66 million clients across Russia.

Asif Khan

Jonathan Posnett

Jonathan Posnett is a Principal in the New York Office of Entro, with over 25 years of experience in the development of design and strategy-based solutions for clients striving to improve the user experience in the built environment. Jonathan's role as Principal focuses on client relationship development, with a focus on project management, creative direction and business development.

jonathan posnett headshot
New York

Molly Mazzolini

Molly Mazzolini is Partner and Brand Integration Director at Infinite Scale, responsible for promoting not only the Infinite Scale brand, but also the multifaceted brands of its clients. She lends her branding knowledge to all projects that adds to the layering or collaborative philosophy that drives all team members at Infinite Scale.

Molly Mazzolini
Infinite Scale
Salt Lake City

Cameron Smith

Cameron Smith is Partner and Creative Director of Infinite Scale. As such, he is responsible for the overall creative direction of the firm. He focuses not only on the design style of each project but helps take the collaborative efforts of the shop from ideas to reality. His many strengths include his keen knowledge of materials and thinking through each application. Cameron is known for pushing vendors to their next level of successful production resulting in finished pieces that are not only good looking and well designed but functional.

Cameron Smith, Partner, Infinite Scale
Infinite Scale
Salt Lake City

Michael Haug

Michael Haug is an environmental graphic designer with a strong portfolio of branded environments, experience design, signage and wayfinding projects. Over the last 25 years, he has worked on almost every type of environmental graphics project from municipal wayfinding plans and site signage to donor recognition, display and event graphics to sign systems for office buildings, hospitals and clinics.

Michael Haug

Amy Lukas

SEGD President 2012-2013

Amy Lukas was president of SEGD in 2012-2013 and she is the co-founder of Infinite Scale Design Group. Infinite Scale is a strategic design studio that creates brand experiences in environments and events. Amy’s role as Project Director provides the foundation for each client project as she is the organizational leader and strategic thinker for Infinite Scale's clients.

Amy Lukas, Partner, Infinite Scale, Salt Lake City
Infinite Scale
Salt Lake City, UT


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