Beverley Wells

Director, Environments

Managing projects and organizing scheduling in the bustling environmental department could seem like mission impossible, but not for Beverley. A fervent film buff, she directs the progress of each retail project from conception through to implementation.

Beverly Wells

Stephen Sinclaire

Stephen is the principal designer at Sinclaire Design a Calgary, Canada-based consultancy specializing in corporate identity and experiential graphic design.

For over 25 years our aim is to reach the ultimate vision for our clients. We take take pride in our reputation for professional communication, research, design and project management.

Stephen Sinclaire
Sinclaire Design
Calgary, AB

Transportation Collection

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What you will Learn:
This pack is designed for those working on transportation projects that require the management of information in complex facilities and multi-modal hubs. Case studies for Airports, Train Stations, and Mass Transit systems are covered from both an information design, and experience design perspective from experts in this area of practice. The Collections materials are suitable for an advanced level design professional.

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is a Jacksonville native, an award-winning artist, an activist, and a successful professional. Emerging from a community that labeled him "disabled" with diagnosis such as "attention deficit disorder" and "obsessive compulsive disorder," Williams learned to harness these "disabilities" by perceiving them as personal advantages. When his portfolio professor in college told him to choose a career that was not in art, it motivated him to prove what he could do.

Steve Williams, Harbinger
Jacksonville, FL


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