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Joe Blair

Joe Blair is a professionally trained graphic designer who entered the EGD/XGD field straight out of college at MassArt in Boston. In the course of his career he’s worked alongside world-class fabricators, architects, engineers and designers and is now enrolled in the seminal class of the MDes Master of Design Innovation program back at MassArt.

His ethos is informed by a global facing, culturally sensitive ideology and roots in traditional sculptural practices. Design as play, design as social catalyst, the sky’s the limit!

Joe Blair, Sasaki Associates
Sasaki Associates

National Harbor

On the Waterfront

With the help of environmental graphics, urban design, and public art, National Harbor makes a lasting mark on a blighted stretch of the Potomac.

Think of Washington, D.C., and iconic landmarks such as the Washington Monument and the White House likely come to mind. So when developer Milton Peterson of The Peterson Companies bought a barren 300-acre parcel on the banks of the Potomac just south of these historic architectural giants, he envisioned a classic rather than trendy mixed-use development that would look like it had always been there.


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