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Freetouch Launches Smartphone Interaction for Public Touchscreens

Freetouch Launches Smartphone Interaction for Public Touchscreens

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On August 4,2020, in response to the impact of COVID-19 on businesses around the world, Freetouch™ announced a new patent-pending product that enables anyone with a smartphone to remotely interact with shared touchscreens, eliminating the need for physical contact with kiosks, ATMs, and other interactive displays.

E+E Design Improv

Design Improv: How do we break our unconscious biases? San Francisco Chapter event, August 6 3:15 EDT, 12:15 PDT

Roll your sleeves up for a Design Improv and get ready to create an exhibit—all from home! Join us for the first online Design Improv of this year's Exhibition + Experience conference. Get ready for some friendly competition as we split into teams to explore experiences that can help us break our unconscious biases.

The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism

Merit Award 2020
The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism

Conceived by a small group of Bay Area architects and designers in the early 1960s, The Sea Ranch development was envisioned as a progressive inclusive community, guided by the idealistic principles of good design, economy of space, and harmony with the natural environment. The Sea Ranch: Architecture, Environment, and Idealism illuminates these ideals through a wide array of drawings, photographs, models, and an ambitious 1:1 scale reproduction of Unit 9 from the first condominium constructed on the site.

Kate Keating Associates is now Clearstory Wayfinding and Placemaking

Clearstory President and Principal, Julie Vogel and Nikki San Miguel

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Kate Keating Associates, Inc., a woman-owned design firm, is pleased to announce its new name, Clearstory Inc., and the firm’s 25th anniversary. The name change coincides with over two decades of work helping architects and institutions bring clarity to the places they create through trusted, client-centric partnerships and collaboration.

Recap: SEGD Fellow Jan Lorenc

Jan Lorenc Montage

Thank you to everyone who came out to see SEGD Fellow Jan Lorenc at the Allsteel Showroom. He charmed the crowd with stories from his personal history and his impressive forty years of design experience and innovation. This evening of storytelling, supplemented by the delicious food and drink generously provided by Nova Polymers, was a fantastic cap to our year.


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