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Keli DiRisio

Keli DiRosio is an adjunct instructor/student at Rochester Institute of Technology. She started her own graphic design company after working at an ad agency and freelancing for a wide variety of agencies and firms. She managed freelancers and multiple projects for a wide variety of clients.  While running Alterna Design + Company, she branched out into video production. One Smart Cookie Productions creates educational DVDs for children, distributed throughout the US and Canada.  She is also a licensed realtor.

Victor, NY

Inclusive, High Quality Decisions? Macro/Micro Design Impacts within our Everyday Experiences

School of Design
Rochester Institute of Technology

Age and physical ability are natural filters for assessing the successes of designed objects, messages, and experiences. Design problem solving contributes (or not) to the resolution of challenges faced by aging and/or physically challenged individuals as they interact with products and contexts in the built environment. This paper examines some design details, solutions, and situations that impact everyday inclusivity and quality of experience, and suggests approaches toward understanding and increasing interaction success for all of us.

The Context of Consumption

Lot with a Little Award
The Context of Consumption, Rochester Institute of Technology, Sarah M. Kirchoff

Garbage cans are often the center of pollution on an individual level. By implementing unexpected display approaches in particular public contexts, this set of three installations sought to heighten viewer awareness of this often-overlooked functional object and draw attention to issues of both individual and society-wide consumption and pollution.

Sarah M. Kirchoff (MFA candidate, project manager)


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