Project Management

Lucia Athens

Lucia Athens is the City of Austin’s first Chief Sustainability Officer. Recognized internationally as an authority on sustainability, she is author of the Island Press book Building an Emerald City: A Guide to Creating Green Building Policies and Programs.

Lucia Athens, Chief Sustainability Officer, City of Austin, City Manager's Office
Austin, TX

Chris Barel

Chris Barel is a Business Development Director at Whitlock, a video collaboration company based in Richmond, Virginia.

Chris Barel is an Experience and Innovation industry expert who is passionate about creating exceptional experiences and building strong industry partnerships.

Chris Barel, Business Development Director at Whitlock

Karyn Wanaski

As a Project Director, Karyn Wanaski’s strengths show in the clarity of her communication and the energy of her team coordination efforts. Karyn Wanaski's professional experience with all project phases, from programming and design development through construction document preparation and administration, has been integral to the success of a wide variety of project types with varying levels of complexity.

Karyn Wanaski is a Director at Spark in Chicago

Katrin Middel

Katrin Middel is a partner of Polyform in Berlin, Germany. Polyform, a design firm in Berlin Germany founded in 1999, is known for corporate design, wayfinding, digital media, and exhibition projects.

Katrin Middel began her career in design at FH Münster, a University of Applied Sciences in Münster Germany, with a study focus in Visual communication and Illustration. Katrin Middel continued studying at the Swinburne University of Technology, with a focus on Design and graduating with a Bachelor degree with Honors.

Katrin Middle, Co-Partner at Polyform
Berlin, Germany

Stevie Bales

Stevie Bales works at the intersection of art, technology, and design to develop integrated solutions for digital and built-environments. Her training in Interaction Design and background in Exhibit Set Design has given her a broad range of technical expertise in wayfinding, spatial storytelling, user experience, and creative technology. Her multidisciplinary work includes projects in: healthcare, transportation, entertainment, arts & culture, corporate, and academia.

Stevie Bales
Selbert Perkins Design
Somerville, MA

Anthony Clayton

Anthony Clayton is the Owner and President of Bluebird Graphic Solutions, which is located in the Greater Boston Area. In now his 25th year in the industry, Anthony Clayton finds it amazing to drive around Boston and see so many of the projects he has worked on. He still is thrilled when he sees the Greater Boston Food Bank logo take shape as he rounds the corner on the expressway – and he regularly cranes his neck to get a quick look at the WGBH display and to see the theme of the day.

Anthony Clayton
Bluebird Graphic Solutions
Greater Boston Area

Scott Kellogg

Scott Kellogg works in Business Development in the Systems Design Group at SenovvA, Inc. Scott is a driven leader accomplished in international business development, project and team management, event design and the application of technology to connect ideas with people.

Scott Kellogg
San Francisco Bay Area

Johnny Ramos

Johnny Ramos is a Production Manager and Coordinator for PUB Creative based in the Greater Los Angeles Area. In this position Johnny Ramos works directly with or for a film or video producer and communicates between the producer and other staff members regarding the shoot’s overall production. It is Ramos’s responsibility for keeping the film, show, or video content on budget and making sure production remains on schedule. Day-to-day duties include working with the film crew and actors and arranging travel needs for everyone.

Johnny Ramos
pub creative
Greater Los Angeles Area


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