Mayer/Reed Contributes to Portland's Winter Light Festival

Mayer/Reed Portland Winter Light Festival Kaleidoscope

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We welcome the new year with appreciation for the kaleidoscopic beauty found in shifting, adapting and evolving our perspectives. While we experienced disruption in ways we could not have predicted last year, it is our wish that these challenges catalyze positive change in our studio, community and world. We wish you a happy and healthy 2021.

Visualizing Berio

Finalist 2020
Visualizing Berio

Rose Bond, celebrated Portland-based media artist, has again collaborated with the Oregon Symphony; this time creating a visually augmented live performance of Luciano Berio’s ‘Sinfonia.’ The live performance of the symphony -dubbed “the ultimate pre-postmodernist musical palimpsest”- is accompanied by massive projections that give the audience a unique audio-visual experience that captures 1968 as a pivotal time of cultural change.

Bringing Optimism Back to our Cities One Color at a Time

Bringing Optimism Back to our Cities One Color at a Time

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By Gensler Seattle: Over the last several weeks, a lot has changed in our daily lives. Today our world revolves primarily around the inner walls of our homes. When we do venture out, our neighborhoods are virtually unrecognizable with plywood façades shuttering the doors and windows of our favorite local haunts. With unprecedented repercussions from COVID-19 weighing heavily upon us, optimism is one thing that continues to propel us forward.

2020 Academic Summit


Friday, October 18, 2019 - 2:45pm

Each year, SEGD holds the Academic Summit as a forum for trends in design education research, projects and curriculum innovation, the 2020 SEGD Academic Summit will be held on virtually June 11 and 12. Presenters are chosen in a peer-review process by the Academic Steering Committee of SEGD of papers submitted from educators and practitioners.

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