Retrosepctive Talk with Jan Lorenc

Phoenix members, we are so fortunate that Jan Lorenc was able to reschedule his event with our chapter! Don't forget to sign up for his talk where he will present his insight after more than 40 years in the field and provide an open forum for discussion as we explore connections between a range of design disciples. This is an event you won't wan to miss!

Drinks and snacks will be provided. The event is free for current SEGD members, $5 fee for non-members.



Elsewhere at Wonderspaces Arizona

Please join us for an evening touring extraordinary artwork. Wonderspaces partners with artists to deliver artwork to new audiences throughout the country. Their mission is to create shared understanding through shared experiences. 

Good to Glow

The Neon Museum - Las Vegas

For over a century, neon has been illuminating signs all over the world.

Today, neon signs are not only hanging in storefront windows but seen in the trendiest spots with influencers lining up to get the perfect image to post on social media, or as the cool kids say, “doin’ it for the gram.”

Is what we see today actually neon, or the cheaper copycat, colored LED? Is traditional neon signage production becoming an uncommon craft?


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