C&VE Transform 8th & Filbert Parking Garage

C&VE Parkade on 8th Philadelphia

Working with a design team headed by architects WRT Design (Philadelphia) and a very limited budget, C&VE helped transform the under-whelming parking structure into one of Philadelphia’s most remarkable make-overs of an existing structure. A new façade of metal projections supports a grid of dichroic glass panels creating a dynamic, ever-changing street level experience. The ceiling over the traffic lanes were fitted with thousands of rods tipped with LED lamps.

The Franklin Institute's Designers Re-Imagine Donor Recognition

Photo: Franklin Institute Donor Recognition

The Franklin Institute is a popular education and science center in Philadelphia. Together with the Benjamin Franklin National Memorial which is housed in the building's pantheon-inspired rotunda, it is one of the city's top tourist attractions. The Memorial is the fee-free entry area to the building and the section that sees the most visitors.

“Me Too”

Merit Award 2016
“Me Too”

For her MFA Student Fall Thesis project in the MFA Graphic and Interactive Design Program at Temple University, Karen Watkins responded to a topic prompt on empathy.

Karen Watkins, MFA Candidate, Graphic and Interactive Design


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