Member Post: Inquisitive Tendencies

by Jody Graff, Drexel University

True confession: I’m a lifelong geek/nerd. I have always enjoyed education and learning new things. I think it all stems from a natural curiosity and a love of knowledge, just for knowledge’s sake.

When asked to write a post on “learning” I did a quick quote search to organize my ideas. There were three, from very different sources, that struck a chord with my own philosophy, for me individually as well as an educator.

Philly Voices

Over the next several months, keep your eye on our blog for entries from our local Philly Chapter members. We've invited them to contribute their musings on all things design. Occasionally we'll also profile various chapter members. Our hope is to introduce you to all the great things happening here in Philly.



Fall Mixer at the new FMC Tower Level 28

SEGD Philly Fall Mixer at the new FMC Tower Level 28

When's the last time you came to an SEGD event? It's been a while?

We'd like to properly introduce ourselves as the new chapter co-chairs for Philly. We've been working hard to get up to speed on all things SEGD including attending the Annual Conference and participating in the Chapter Chair summit. We have a great fall/winter run of events planned that we'll roll out to you shortly, but realized that we should probably make a proper introduction first.

Innovation Plaza

Finalist 2017
Finalist 2018
Innovation Plaza

University City Science Center, the nation’s largest and oldest urban research park, has continued expanding its footprint. The ex;it design team was originally commissioned to create a wayfinding program to help visitors navigate the campus. However, ex;it identified a broader opportunity to connect the Science Center with the larger University City District. The 37th Street walkway—named Innovation Plaza—is now a welcoming hub of learning and leisure.


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