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Tony Schmidt

In 1995 I graduated with a BFA from the Cleveland Institute of Art in Painting and in 1998 earned an MFA from the University of Missouri Kansas City in Set Design for the Theatre. In 2011 I joined PGAV Destinations as an Exhibit Designer initially to work with a team on the Space Shuttle Atlantis exhibit for the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Since that time I’ve had the privilege to work on many different projects at PGAV at different stages of their developments ranging from early master planning/concepts to final design deliverables.

Tony Schmidt, PGAV Destinations
Saint Louis

PGAV - Kennedy Space Center

Photo of Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center

PGAV (Saint Louis, Mo.) announced that its latest destination design, Space Shuttle Atlantis at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, is now open to the public on Florida’s Space Coast, less than an hour east of Orlando.  In addition to the opening of the Space Shuttle Atlantis, PGAV has also been involved in the design and execution of the new entry plaza.


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