Tomas Ancona

Experience Strategy & Design at Ancona + Associates, inc.

Tomas Ancona works at the intersection of culture and commerce, providing experience strategy and design services for visitor attractions, museums, retail experiences and digital environments. A+A explores the graceful convergence of the digital and physical realms. The work begins with a client’s story, and typically develops into deep client relationships that extend over many projects and years.

Tomas Ancona
Portland, Oregon

Glass Artistry

Glass Artistry

Both palette and canvas, glass is infinitely mutable and eloquently transmissive. The seduction is powerful.

It is impossible to separate glass from light. It simply does not exist without light behind, below, before, above, or through it. It is that intrinsic relationship that draws designers and artists to choose glass as their medium. And as technology continually refines manufacturing techniques and lighting options, the possibilities inherent in glass are virtually limitless.

Nike World Campus North Expansion

Merit Award
Nike World Campus North Expansion, Ambrosini Design

The challenge was to create a unique thematic pedestrian and vehicular signage/wayfinding program for Nike's one million-square-foot expansion. The interior graphics program is specific to each building. Wayfinding and identity elements incorporate photoetched images of the athletes after whom each particular building is named. The signage program reflects the architecture through the use of similar shapes and finishes. Further expression of architecture is achieved through layering and the use of custom forms.

Ambrosini Design


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