Jamie Franklin

Jamie Franklin recently joined Matthews Paint as their new marketing specialist and resident color expert! From product specification to color application, Jamie Franklin knows the ins and outs of sign paint color and is available to help you with your project needs.

Jamie Franklin, Marketing Specialist, Matthews Paint
Matthews Paint

Blake Kishler's Sketchbook

Blake Kishler's Sketchbook

Monday Doodles: Turning a Passion for Sketching into a Tool for Design
Read Time: 2 minutes

SEGD member and Cincinnati Chapter Co-Chair, Blake Kishler is an industrial and experiential graphic designer with a background in exhibition design. In addition to his day job at Kolar Design in Cincinnati, Ohio, Blake is also an avid sketcher and illustrator. Here’s what Blake has to say about his “Monday Doodles” and how these fun sketches strengthen the brain muscle and stimulate the design process.

2019 SEGD Educator Award Recipient Robert Probst, FSEGD

2019 Educator Award Recipient Robert Probst, FSEGD

2019 SEGD Educator Award: Robert Probst, Dean of the University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning

The SEGD Educator Award recognizes an individual for demonstrating innovation in the theory and practice of design education that not only integrates the needs of the industry but serves to advance the field. Recipients foster the development of the next generation of designers through creative and innovative curriculum as well as the promotion of forward thinking research and scholarship in the field.

Brewing Heritage Trail, Cincinnati

Merit Award 2019
Brewing Heritage Trail, Cincinnati

The Brewing Heritage Trail is an urban trail system that celebrates the City of Cincinnati’s brewing heritage and creates a positive, marketable image for the city. The approximately two-mile Trail follows Cincinnati streets through the Central Business District, Pendleton and Over-the-Rhine neighborhoods. It’s a dynamic experience, existing in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Provides Subtle Yet Strong Design-based Security

Now more than ever, builder owners and city planners are looking to design firms to incorporate crime prevention through environmental design (CPTED) as an initial line of defense against public threats.


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