Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

photograph of Museum of Art Education stairwell

Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership (New York) recently completed an architecture and design project for the Rubin Museum of Art Education Center in New York. The museum focuses on the Arts of the Himalayas, so Skolnick’s designs were influenced by the deep, saturated colors and patterns of the culture. The center includes an iconic elliptical stairway that uses a photo of Tibetan prayer flags applied to 3-Form resin panels.

Lord Cultural Resources

Lord Cultural Resources (Toronto) has been contracted by the State of Bihar, India, to develop the master plan for a world-class museum on the evolution of history and culture on the Indian subcontinent. Lord will also work on implementation of the building and exhibition design for the new museum, which will be located in Patna.

It will complement the existing Patna Museum, built in 1917, and draw on its collection of ancient and medieval stone, bronze, and terracotta sculpture.

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Honor Award
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Pentagram

Working with Poleshek Partnership Architects, the Brooklyn Museum of Art is building a new entrance to its main facade, with two years of construction scheduled. Pentagram helped turn this potential eyesore into an opportunity to show the community what the building, vaguely municipal in appearance and not frequently visited, actually housed inside.


Farnsworth Art Museum

Honor Award
Farnsworth Art Museum, Arrowstreet Graphic Design

Farnsworth Art Museum Identity and Environmental Graphics. The challenge at the Farnsworth Art Museum was to design a new identity and a comprehensive environmental graphics system that balanced the aesthetic of the original art museum with new additions and renovations.

Arrowstreet Graphic Design

The Moveable Museum

Honor Award
The Moveable Museum, American Museum of Natural History, Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

The Moveable Museum of the American Museum of Natural History brings interactive education to remote locations throughout the New York City area. Inside, children travel through the Gobi Desert and into a paleontologist's laboratory, all within the confines of a customized Winnebago. Every educational opportunity has been maximized through design. Exterior graphics include actual-size dinosaur renderings (allowing children to measure themselves against their favorite Jurassic creature). Simple interactives are combined with high-tech activities to engage varying ages and skill-levels.

Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership

Hancock Park

Honor Award
Hancock Park, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, George C. Page Museum, Sussman/Prejza & Company

Hancock Park is home to both the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and Page Museum of La Brea Discoveries. Containing natural tar pits and fossils, the park is a natural historic site where both science and art are combined. To enhance the social and aesthetic values of the park, landscaping, environmental design, lighting and architecture all came together to create a rejuvenated place. The new environmental design expands beyond traditional identification and wayfinding signage.

Sussman/Prejza & Company

Camper Gallery: Whittlin' History

Merit Award
Camper Gallery: Whittlin' History, Delaware Agricultural Museum & Village, Ueland Junker McCauley Nicholson

Whittlin' History is a permanent exhibit within the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village displaying Jehu Camper's wooden "whittlins." Camper's folk art captures rural Delaware at the turn of the twentieth century. The museum has the entirety of Camper's work and wished to display as much as possible. With only 800-square-feet and a limited budget, the designers set out to provide an engaging look at Camper's art. Using a palette of materials limited to Sintra and wood, the exhibit looks to Camper for inspiration.

Ueland Junker McCauley Nicholson


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