Reimagining human interactions, connectivity, and advertising.
We are technologists, media experts, engineers, designers, and strategists working together to create value for citizens, governments, and brands and improve life in cities around the globe. Our teams find new avenues to connect the digital and physical worlds to make our experiences more connected, more seamless, and more human.

Christine Cannon

Christine is a business strategist, professional coach and facilitator. With a decade working in the experiential design industry, she specializes in building meaningful strategic partnerships to drive revenue and motivate teams. Prior to co-founding Cannon Strategies, Christine was the Director of Business Development at C&G Partners design studio and a Contractor for the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. She has worked with clients such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Guardian Life, and NASA.

Christine Cannon, C&G Partners
C&G Partners
New York

Brett Hurlbut

Brett Hurlbut is the Director of Strategy and Creative at cmnd+m — a collective of strategists, innovators and makers exploring new ways to bring brands to life in the physical world. He has utilized a degree that is traditionally rooted in two-dimensional solutions to identify and implement creative, quantifiable solutions within the retail environment. He is devoted to continued creative problem solving within the applied customer experience as it pertains to design, and I am always in pursuit of my next creative challenge.


SDDI Sign Systems

SDDI Sign Systems provides sign, signage design and manufacturing for many industries. We create state-of-the-art sign systems by giving our clients the best service in the most efficient and affordable manner possible. The main industries that we focus on are Corporate & Business Facility signage, Health Care signage, Library signage, Education signage, Government signage, Multi-Unit & Senior Housing signage, Commercial & Development Properties signage, Retail signage and Hospitality signage.

SDDI Makes Signage Easy!

Phil Quattrocchi

As a “brand-accelerator” Phil Quattrocchi has led partnership development efforts and delivered innovative signage solutions for multi-national brands, and their agencies, for the past 21 years.
Phil has designed and spearheaded the implementation of award-winning, scalable signage solutions for clients such as the Las Vegas Convention Center, The Indianapolis Colts, Sprint, Carnival, Owatonna School District, University of California - Riverside, KFC and Arizona State University.

Phil Quattrocchi
Encompass Sign

Encompass Sign

Encompass Sign Systems is a woman-owned (WBE), wholesale sign company creating integrated commercial signage solutions by blending new-age, thermoformed tactile sign capabilities with leading-edge, European-style, extrusion directional and wayfinding systems.

Cindy Jenkins

Cindy Jenkins is a Marketing Manager at 3M and has been the main conduit between SEGD and 3M, sponsor of the SEGD Global Design Awards.  

Cindy Jenkins' marketing position supports her desire to help brand owners create brand awareness, drive increased revenue and manage overall brand strategy and positioning.

Cindy Jenkins, Marketing Manager at 3M
Minneapolis, MN

Myrna Orensten

Myrna Orensten is the Creative and Idea Generator of Imaginality Designs, LLC.

Imaginality Designs - uses imagination, creativity and over 30 years of experience to create visual expressions and enhance the personality of your brand. Myrna Orensten does this in a variety of forms, materials, and dimension. As environmental graphic design practitioners, Imaginality Designs embrace many design disciplines including graphic, architectural, interior, landscape and sign design to help shape the idea of place, including wayfinding and communicating identity and information.

Myrna Orensten, Imaginality Designs, Minneapolis
Imaginality Designs LLC
Minneapolis, MN

Gary Stemler

Gary Stemler was the 2014 Secretary/Treasurer of SEGD. Gary is a co-chair for the Minneapolis chapter.

Gary Stemler has been in the environmental graphics field for over 20 years helping designers and end users in the implementation of custom graphics all across the world. He has been an industry leader in mixing quality craftsmanship with modern manufacturing capabilities and delivering on end user expectations.

Gary Stemler, Vice President, archetype, Minneapolis


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