Danielle Grimes

Danielle (Dani) Grimes is a third-year at the University of Cincinnati majoring in Graphic Communication Design with a Minor in Marketing. She hopes to find her focus on the digital side of things, interactive design being her top choice as of now.

Graduating Summa Cum Laude in the top 4% of her high school class of 746 students was her biggest accomplishment. A great amount of perseverance and dedication was instilled in order to reach this goal. Four years of perfect attendance also dictates her commitment to education and professionalism.

Damnielle Grimes, University of Cincinnati

Alycia Griesi

Alycia Griesi is a student web developer for UW-Milwaukee and specializes in graphic and front-end design. She has found unexpected but genuine interest in the behaviors of others surrounding digital technology and interactive media. She chose to study Art Technology to gain a breadth of cross-platform design experiences, studied Media Studies to understand how society forms narratives surrounding new media and technology, and Advertising to apply design practice with theory.

Alycia Griesi, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Romas Grazhees

Romas Grazhees is passionate about graphic design, learning new things, marketing, and helping others. He received an associates degree from Southern Utah University in 2012, and will earn his BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Utah in 2015.

Romas Grazhees, University of Utah
Salt Lake City

Melodee Dudley

Melodee Dudley comes from a long line of illustrators and artists; it was only natural that her passions lay in the arts and design. She began studying fine arts at Portland Community College where she received an associates degree in Graphic Design in 2011. Melodee is currently enrolled in the Graphic Design program at Portland State University and expects to graduate with a Bachelors of Arts in Fall 2015.

Melodee Dudley
Portland, OR

Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis is a graphic designer located in Nashville, TN. He has an associates degree in graphic art and design and is working on a bachelors degree at Nossi College of Art. He is skilled in many areas of design including branding and identity, web design, social media design, print design, motion graphics, and much more.

Greg Ellis

Kevin Daffon

Kevin Daffon is a mechanical engineering student at the Georgia Institute of Technology with a minor in industrial design, expected to graduate in Fall 2015. Kevin has nearly three years of research experience working with robotics and design, and over a year of work experience in product design. He is looking to broaden his horizons and strengthen his skills within mechanical design.

Kevin Daffon volunteers for Habitat for Humanity of Northwest Metro Atlanta as crew leader, and serves as president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Georgia Tech Chapter.

Marrieta, GA

Kaylia Caudel

As a graphic designer, Kaylia Caudel can help create your logo and brand identity. As an illustrator, she can create a character for a series. As a creator, she tries to create all she can for each project she participates in.

Currently, Kaylia Caudel is attending Nossi College of Art (Nashville) for her bachelors degree in Graphic Design. Her freelance name is KayliaCreate. 

Madison, TN

Harry Boyd

Hi, my name is Harry Boyd. I'm a graphic designer from New Zealand. I am currently studying third year Visual Communication Design at Massey University in Wellington, New Zealand.

I focus heavily on Design Thinking and using it to think outside the box and do things differently. I am passionate about Experience Design, Print Design and Brand Identity. Lately I have been getting very interested in illustration as well.

Wellington, New Zealand

Samantha Boyd

As a recent graduate of the CIDA- and NASAD-accredited Interior Design program at Appalachian State University, Samantha Boyd has moved from the mountains of Boone, NC, to begin her professional design career in the DC Metro area.

Washington D.C.

Carla Anthis

My name is Carla Anthis. I am a 2015 Visual Communication graduate from the University of Oklahoma.  I am a determined and dedicated designer with attention to detail and effective time management. I am able to provide thorough research, think conceptually and creatively generate ideas.

View Carla Anthis' work on her website. Connect with Carla on LinkedInand Twitter.

University of Oklahoma
Norman, OK


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