Nazgol Mojab

Nazgol Mojab is a recently graduate from UC Davis. After studying computer science, Nazgol Mojab decided to switch to design, something she enjoys.

Coming from another country, her engagement with different cultures has inspired in her in a wide range of artistic, cultural, and historical sources. She likes to collaborate in diverse projects. Nazgol Mojab has a forward-looking mindset and a passion for innovation.

Nazgol Mojab
San Francisco, CA

Yuxin Cheng

Yuxin Cheng is a graduate student at Philadelphia University, pursuing her Master's Degree in Surface Imaging. Yuxin Cheng has a background in textile print design and digital photography. Yuxin Cheng is from China, spent my senior year as an undergraduate at UC Davis, and started her graduate program in Philadelphia. Experiential Graphic Design is new to Yuxin Cheng and she is interested in learning more. She would love to use her professional skills to make our environment look better.

Thomas Jefferson University

Rachel Kozy

Rachel Kozy is currently a senior at Kent State University pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design. Although she loves all aspects of design, she is especially interested in branding and typography. She is a passionate, hard-working designer who loves collaborating with others. She has interned with MTV in New York City and Go Media in Cleveland, Ohio and is always looking for new opportunities to meet and work with others.

Connect with Rachel Kozy:


Ryan Doro

Ryan Doro is a Graphic Design student at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Ryan Doro's college experiences include active membership in Alpha Rho Chi, the co-ed, professional, design fraternity on campus where he has held leadership roles including initiation planner and president.

Ryan Doro

Katie Panneton

Kate Panneton is graphic designer at Kent State University Office of Student Media

Hello! I am a junior at Kent State University pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design with minors in Advertising and Photo-Illustration. I am a visual learner who loves to make people happy. I take pride in all the work I do and will stop at nothing to satisfy those I design for. Communication, time management and good work ethic are all very important when it comes to being a successful designer. Everyday is a new learning experience in which I consume to make myself a better designer.

Katie Panneton, Kent State University

Megan McCarthy

Megan McCarthy is a senior graphic designer at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Brand experience strategy is my jam, and human-centered design is my peanut butter. Empowering others brings me joy - whether I'm creating a branded environment, mentoring a young designer, or giving directions to a stranger.

Megan McCarthy, The Baltimore Museum of Art

Matthew DeLade

Matthew DeLade is relatively new to the EGD world and loving everything about it.

At the start of Matthew DeLade's final semester of Environmental Design at the University of Colorado he was introduced to the world of EGD. Matthew DeLade immediately loved it and has been focusing the past year on becoming an environmental graphic designer. He is presently working for Tangram Design, which has allowed him to learn about the EGD as well as become a better designer. 

Matthew DeLade is originally from Bethlehem, Pa., and currently lives in Boulder, Colo.

Matthew DeLade, Tangram Design
Tangram Design

Ann Klewer

Ann Klewer is a creative and active thinker who enjoys working independently and collaborating with fellow designers. Communication, good work ethic, in-depth research, timeliness and strategy are elements of the design business and she strives to challenge myself to develop these qualities toward a higher level everyday.

Ann Klewer, Kent State University

Kato Sayo

Kato Sayo is a freelance visual designer based in NYC, and a student at Fashion Institute of Technology graduating Spring 2015. Kato's education also includes an Information and Management Science Major, resulting in a BA in Commerce from the Otaru University of Commerce in Otaru, Japan. A graphic design internship at The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts brought Kato experience in designing exhibition promotional and content materials, and assisting exhibition installation.

Sayo Kato, Fashion Institute of Technology
New York

Wonsil Jang

Wonsil Jang is a graduate student pursuing MFA degree in graphic design at Iowa State University. After 10years of job experiences, she wanted to learn more knowledge based on fundamental methodologies in graphic design to make strong professional ability. Her interest area is interaction design, UI, and UX in IOT system. From South Korea, Wonsil has worked as a project manager and a design manager. Though she has a lot of experiences,  Wonsil wanted to know more knowledgeable structure on design.

Wonsil Jang, Iowa State University
Iowa State University
Ames, IA


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