Diane Fee

Diane Fee is a graphic design manager at MC2 Events Exhibits Environments,  an MCH Company, is an award-winning brand experience solutions agency. With strategic thinking, inspiring designs, and seamless execution, they deliver growth for their clients by creating immersive experiences that foster emotional relationships between brands and audiences.

Dine Fee, MC-2
Chestnut Ridge, NY

Roland Murillo

Roland Murillo is an MFA candidate at Texas State University, researching human centered design. When he's not studying design he is leading it as a mentor, an instructor and a design principal at a regional retail company in Texas.

Roland Murillo studied at Southwest Texas, launching his design career as a corporate identity specialist. His passion for design has led him through careers spanning several disciplines including Branding, UX, Interiors, and EGD.

Roland Murillo, Texas State University
Texas State University
San Antonio, TX

Davidson Domagas

During the past 25 years of designing everything from exhibits to corporate interiors, Davidson Domagas has had the honor of collaborating with some of the most creative and passionate design professionals in the world. Along the way, he learned to take on on multiple roles in design, detailing, project management and even sales, each time embracing the challenges that came with executing the client's unique vision.

davidson domagas headshot
Innovative Environments
Houston, TX

Greg Parsons

At an early age, Greg Parsons' introduction to the world of the creative process started with his first box of LEGO! And it was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! This exposure, little did he know, would inspire him and lay the foundation towards his passion for design. Greg Parsons' sketch books from travels remind him about the importance of how we communicate an idea, how it can evolve, how it can influence others and be shared collectively. Having the need for a creative outlet is expressed through the project work he does, in addition to his extra-curricular ventures.

Greg Parsons headshot
Greg Parsons Design
Toronto, Canada

Jeff Grandell

Jeff Grandell is Founder and President of LPS – Output Technologies, a 29-year-old integration and consulting company in office printing, digital signage and corporate A/V. He is also Co-Founder and Owner of Display Solutions Group, LLC, which teaches and consults current businesses and individuals on how to add digital signage as a new revenue stream or marketing platform.

Jeff Grandell headshot
LPS - Output Technologies
Dallas, TX

Lucien Harriot

Lucien says it best: “I’ve flown planes, I’m a sailor who enjoys overnights with my wife and two sons on Chesapeake Bay, offshore racing, and I’m a good man in a storm.  I enjoy DJ-ing and longboarding in NYC; in the 80’s I taught myself to solve the Rubik’s Cube in under a minute. I’ve been on TV, lived in a school bus on a hippie commune in Tennessee, spent summers in nudist communities, lived on a canal houseboat in Amsterdam, and experimented with numerous hallucinogens. Returning to Burning Man, I led a blind runner in two marathons without training.

Lucien Harriot headshot
Mechanism Digital
New York, NY

Lisa Bambach

Lisa K. Bambach is a designer and educator based out of Cincinnati, Ohio. She holds a B.S. in Graphic Design and a Minor in German Studies from the University of Cincinnati and has studied at Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst in Basel, Switzerland.

Lisa Bambach headshot
Cincinnati, OH

Joseph Mackereth

Joseph Mackereth is an environmental and interactive designer currently working at Gecko Group. He is a firm believer in the societal benefits of wayfinding and ADA design.

In his previous role as Marketing Manager for Center in the Square, Joseph Mackereth had the opportunity to work with a number of non-profit organizations in the Roanoke area and was the Creative Service Manager for the creation of the Roanoke Pinball Museum and the Don and Barbra Smith Children’s Museum.

Joseph Mackereth is a Graphic Designer at Gecko Group in West Chester, PA
Gecko Group
Levittown, PA


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