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Growing Up Google -- How Wayfinding and Placemaking Help Evolve the Google Brand

Google Tech Corners Campus, EGD by Media Objectives/Valerio Dewalt Train

When Google opened its new Tech Corners Campus in Sunnyvale, California, they were committed to creating work and social spaces that support employee health, enhance the workplace experience and improve overall sustainability. Valerio Dewalt Train Associates and Media Objectives established a set of guiding design principles aimed at creating a place that inspires growth, surprises and delights, is economical and scalable--and memorable.

Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas is a designer focused on delivery of purpose-driven, customized designs through research, strategy, and experimentation. A key member of a specialized group at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates called Media Objectives, Ian has been involved in creating unique spaces for technology companies seeking tailored and novel solutions, including Google, eBay and VMware. Ian brings extraordinary expertise in physical and digital modeling to the team.

Ian Thomas, Valerio Dewalt Train Associates


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