AccuBraille (S. San Francisco, Calif.) is introducing EcoBraille, a fully compliant ADA sign made of 100% post-consumer waste. With testing complete, the company will take orders for EcoBraille beginning in March. The signs are made of ABS plastics derived from items such as computer towers, monitors, scanners, and printers. The signs feature a unique organic look that does not require painting, but AccuBraille can also finish the signs using Matthews Low-VOC paints.

ClearPath Signage Systems/Rowmark

Photo of Andrew Madden of Rowmark

ClearPath Signage Systems/Rowmark (Findlay, Ohio) announced the appointment of Andrew Madden to Rowmark Europe EMEA Sales Manager. In his new role, Madden will work with Rowmark Europe’s authorized distributors to support and align the company with their sales and marketing needs. He will also work closely with the Rowmark Europe Customer Service group to help solidify areas directly related to sales growth, manage customer relationships, and provide superior service.

GKD-USA - Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi

GKD-USA (Cambridge, Md.) completed projects including the Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi, the world’s furthest-leaning tower. Clad with custom GKD’s Tigris 2100, the stainless steel splash that descends from the 19th floor is a design element and shading device that eliminates more than 30% of the sun’s heat before it reaches the Capital Gate building. The splash also twists around the building toward the south to shield the tower as much as possible from direct sunlight.

Nova Polymers appointed Bob Greenberger as National Sales Executive

Photo of Bob Greenberger of Nova Polymers

Nova Polymers (Fairfield, N.J.) appointed Bob Greenberger as National Sales Executive. He will provide sales and support for the firm’s complete line of signage and wayfinding products, including NovAcryl®, the industry’s leading material for accessible signage.

The firm also released an update to its Workflow Manager that corrects a few key issues relating to importing data and the justification of Braille; they also added a feature for the customization of Braille dot size.

Scott Muller

SEGD Charlotte Chapter Co-Chair.

An industry veteran, Scott Muller consults with clients on projects ranging from brand rollouts to complex fabrication of large-scale interior and exterior programs. Scott has been a SEGD member for 15 years and has been involved in every aspect of the industry

Scott Muller
Trademark Visual
Charlotte, NC

3M - Introduces 3M Envision™ Translucent Films

3M (St. Paul, Minn.) introduced 3M Envision™ Translucent Films and 3M Envision™ Diffuser Films, the first graphic films optimized for use with LEDs that let graphics manufacturers achieve maximum sign face brightness while requiring fewer light sources. Using these films, shops can achieve the same level of brightness with fewer LEDs, reducing material and maintenance costs while providing the look those customers expect.


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