Marketing and Business Development

Gretchen Wilde

Gretchen Wilde is a co-chair of the Phoenix Chapter.

Gretchen Wilde started Airpark Signs & Graphics, a leader in architectural signage in the Southwest, in her mothers family room in 1983. The company has cultivated extensive expertise in all facets of the process, from design through fabrication and installation.

Gretchen Cherrill, Airpark Signs & Graphics
Phoenix, AZ

Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms

SEGD Podcast | Billing Approaches for EGD Firms


What you will learn

It is difficult to determine EGD fees. Clients often expect an architect's percentage fee or a small consulting fee that does not include project management. This discussion reviews preliminary results of a new billing survey and includes a discussion of different billing approaches and experiences. Part of the discussion includes justifications for specific fee approaches.


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