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Jamie Swindon

Jamie Swindon is the Director of Graphic Design at AP+I Design in 

Jamie Swindon is an environmental graphic designer who has spent her career working with interior designers and architects to create dynamic spaces that bring brand, culture, and corporate vision to life.

Jamie Swindon is Director of Environmental Graphic Design at AP+I Design in Los Angeles
AP+I Design


Metropolitan West (MetWest), a leading provider and installer of decorative wall coverings, decorative glass film, custom film and graphic solutions, has launched a dry-erase product that integrates creative office design with a collaborative professional environment.  peerhatch is a durable, writable surface with custom graphics infused into the entire dry erase subsurface, providing unlimited possibilities to rival traditional whiteboards and paint-on solutions.

Jeff Hickman

Jeff Hickman is the owner and Creative Director at Rocket Farm in Long Beach, CA.

Jeff’s the kinda guy who you ask out to lunch and he ends up stealing the bill. He is unassuming yet diligent. He is dedicated in and outside of work to both his family and his team (and his chickens, dog, cat, bunny and fish). His natural ability to lead is matched by his kind and giving heart. He is a problem solver, he is a creator and most importantly the king of punny farm metaphors. He may be deaf in one ear but he is the best listener.

Jeff Hickman is the owner and Creative Director at Rocket Farm in Torrance, CA
pub creative
Torrance, CA

Magali Charmot

Magali Charmot is the Founding Principle of KULT, LLC, a Cultural Research + Strategy Consultancy, to enable awesome experiences. They help create awe-inspiring brands, products, and organizations grounded in the science of human behavior, powered by engagement, and designed to enact purposeful changes.

Magali Charmot
Oakland, CA

Eugenia Kim

Eugenia Kim is a Graphic Designer at EGG Office in Los Angeles.

Before joining EGG Office in 2017, Eugenia Kim worked for Selbert Perkins as a designer and project manager. Eugenia also worked for ECHOforward and Vision21 Art and Finishing Portfolio School.

EGG Office is a multidisciplinary design studio. EGG Office believes that the expression of each project’s innate spirit is what drives the most valuable brand relationships.

Eugenia Kim is a Graphic Designer at EGG Office in Los Angeles
EGG Office
Los Angeles, CA

Hyunmi Jenny Lee

Associate Principal and Senior Graphic Designer, ZGF Architects

Since 2006, Hyunmi Jenny Lee has served as Senior Graphic Designer for project-based efforts and marketing, including environmental graphics, branding, storytelling, donor signage, wayfinding, print collateral, multi-page publications, and web design. In all her work, Jenny strives to create graphics that tell a story and create a unique experience for her clients.

Hyunmi Jenny Lee is an Associate and Senior Graphic Designer at ZGF Architects in Los Angeles
ZGF Architects
Los Angeles

Bruce Birch

Bruce Birch is a Founder and Creative Director of pub creative in Los Angeles.

pub creative is an award winning creative studio designing and creating world-class content that connects people to brands, places, products and ideas. pub creative develops and incorporats skills and talents well suited to today’s digital landscape into their design process. I.e. Creative Development, Content Strategy, Production, Live Events and Webcasting, Experiential/Physical Installations, Mobile Solutions, and Brand-Focused External and Internal Communications.

Bruce Birch is a Founder and Creative Director of pub creative in Los Angeles
pub creative
Los Angeles, CA


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