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Katie Sprague

Katie Sprague, Senior Vice President at RTKL, leads The Environments Studio, a group that combines the best of branding, interiors and environmental graphics. As a brand strategist, Katie brings complementary components to the traditional RTKL architectural design process, focusing on research, analysis and the human experience. Katie uses a collaborative approach that begins with her clients’ vision and mission, translating those intangible assets into the built environment.

Katie Sprague, RTKL
Los Angeles

Patrick Murphy

I develop programs that guide people through complex built environments through effective sign location, message and aesthetic.

Patrick Murphy graduated from the University of Cincinnati DAAP with a Major in Industrial Design and a Minor in Economics. Mr. Murphy began applying his 3 dimensional design skills at Marriott Corporation by designing signage and wayfinding systems for over 100 Marriott hotels and resorts.

Patrick Murphy, 115 Degrees West
115 Degrees West, LLC
Las Vegas

Mo Khalfan

I'm excited to be back in the signage world while continuing to provide lighting solutions for various types of projects. Bitro Group has a wide range of lighting products and also specializes in illuminated low profile channel letters.

I have over 20 years of experience in the sign industry, and I'm only 36!

Mo Khalfan
Bitro Group
Los Angeles, CA

Marcel Machler

Marcel Mächler is said to be the best German trained stone carver in the field

Completing his 1984 - 1987 apprenticeship with honors as “second” best in the State of Baden-Würtemberg, Marcel Mächler has evolved as the most trusted high quality stone carver in the US since then.  Early on in his career his hand carving 8500 letters at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library paved the way for work at both George Bush Sr. and Jr. Presidential Libraries including Presidential Seal bas reliefs and palladium infilled carved letters.

Marcel Mächler, Marcel Machler Inc.
Marcel Machler Carvings
Los Angeles

Clifford Selbert and Robin Perkins, SEGD Fellows

Clifford Selbert & Robin Perkins

Monumental Achievements

SEGD Fellows Clifford Selbert and Robin Perkins add dramatic scale, emotion––and most of all, stories––to the urban landscape.

Landscape architect/graphic designer Clifford Selbert and graphic designer/sculptor Robin Perkins teamed up in the late 1980s and, in the ensuing 25 years, they have collaborated with a wide range of municipalities, public agencies, owners, developers, and architects to create landmark projects that connect stories to places using art, communications, and environments.

Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers

Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers

Badge of Honor

An officer’s badge inspires a shimmering tribute to the LAPD’s fallen officers.

Environmental graphic designers are most often called upon to convey concrete information in a visual language of form and material. It is a rare assignment that asks them to articulate abstract expressions such as reverence, solemnity, and commemoration.

Pro Bono Design

Los Angeles Police Department Memorial to Fallen Officers

Design for Good

Pro bono work not only helps worthy clients communicate their message through design, but provides unexpected benefits for the designers as well.

David Berman ends his manifesto Do Good Design: How Designers Can Change the World with the Do Good Pledge:

1.  I will be true to my profession.
2.  I will be true to myself.
3.  I will spend at least 10% of my professional time helping repair the world.


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