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John Temple

John Temple is a Partner at Hunt Design, a graphic design consulting firm specializing in environmental graphics and exhibit design for public spaces, parks, museums, attractions, retail projects, entertainment centers, hospitality and multi-use developments.

John Temple, Partner of Hunt Design
Hunt Design
Los Angeles

Linda Sturling

Graphic art and design has always intrigued Linda Sturling; it's a lifelong passion. She loves to draw and paint on traditional media and love working in new technologies in digital graphics. She did her first drawing of a portrait when she was five years old. After that, Linda did many drawings throughout her childhood and teenage years. She made many drawings of people, still life, landscapes, random objects, imagined things but horses were her favorite as a child. As she grew into adulthood, Linda dreamed of creating art and design as a career.

Linda Sturling
Los Angeles

CG Signage

CG Signage is an architectural sign fabricator and contractor in Santa Ana, California. We provide turn-key sign fabrication, installation, and project management services to General Contractors, Developers, Commercial Property Managers, Apartment Communities, Small Businesses, Designers, and More. We fabricate everything on-site at our Santa Ana facility, providing all the services needed to bring the designer’s vision to fruition.

Donna Amato

Donna Amato is the Director of Marketing at Connectpoint® a spin-off company from CHK America in Santa Barbara, California.

Donna Amato is responsible for strategic messaging across all platforms for the Connectpoint® suite of real-time digital and interactive wayfinding signage products. She works with a team of graphic designers helping create imagery to support the sales team, and leading co-branding collaborations with new partners and existing clients.

Donna Amato is the Marketing Director at CHK America_Connectpoint in the Greater Los Angeles Area.
CHK America
Greater Los Angeles Area

Alban Cooper

Alban Cooper is an Exhibition Designer at the Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles.

Alban Cooper is an experienced Exhibition Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the museums and institutions industry. He is skilled in Photography, Information Design, Graphics, Wayfinding, and Museums. Alban Cooper is a strong arts and design professional with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) focused in Graphic Design from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Alban Cooper is an Exhibition Designer at the Autry Museum of the American West in Los Angeles.
The Autry Museum of the American West
Los Angeles


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