Mark Muller

Mark Muller provides strategic consultancy and design support for transport, wayfinding and information provision initiatives in the public and private realm.

Through expertise in analysis and application of wayfinding principles, user behaviour and information architecture, Mark Muller’s project contribution helps to make places and the things around us, more visible, and easier to use.

Mark Muller, Mark Muller Ltd.
Mark Muller Ltd.

Mike Rawlinson

Mike Rawlinson is a founding director of City ID, a specialist design company based in New York, USA and Bristol, UK.

He has led the development and delivery of innovative, ground-breaking design projects and strategies in the US, Europe and the UK – the quality of which is demonstrated through their legacy. Mike has extensive experience in master planning, streetscape design, wayfinding, information systems, transportation, city identity, public art and legibility projects.

Photograph of Mike Rawlinson, City ID
City ID

Tim Fendley

Tim Fendley is Founder, CEO, and Creative Director at Applied Information Group.

His passion is using technology to simplify people’s lives, and he has considerable experience in innovation, communication, wayfinding and digital design.

Throughout his career he has founded creative and innovative companies, like MetaDesign, a global brand strategy, innovation and experience firm, and he was Creative Director for Legible London, a groundbreaking wayfinding project for Transport for London.

Photograph of Tim Fendley, Applied Wayfinding
Applied Information Group
London, UK

Geir Borg

Geir Borg is the CEO of Gagarin Ltd., a design firm in Iceland. Gagarin creates highly interactive media solutions that allow people to experience stories vividly, understand interesting content and share their discoveries with others. Their customers are museums, companies, municipalities and institutions that utilize their work in showrooms and visitor centers, at events and online.

Geir Borg, Gagarin

Simon Lee

Simon Lee is a Director at Maynard, a multi-disciplinary design studio who creates graphics, products and environments for public and private sector clients worldwide.

Simon Lee
Maynard Design Consultancy

Victoria Revealed Exhibition

Honor Award 2014

Britain’s Queen Victoria is probably the best-known female monarch in European history. Her name evokes the image of a dour, black-clad queen who inspired an era. But there was another side to Victoria: a young, romantic woman with an extraordinary destiny, who married her great love, Prince Albert, and had nine children. When she was 42, tragedy struck when Albert died suddenly, and her life turned to darkness.

OPERA Amsterdam


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