2015 Podcast | LED 101

Podcast Ross Hancock


What you will learn

LED101 will take you through the basic A to Z of LED technology: from their physical construction and components, to the various ways they can be integrated into an architectural/EGD/XGD context. Learn about specifications, pitch, size and resolution as well as how they affect application. Gain valuable insights on using LED technology for signage, graphics and an ambient light source. Engage in in-depth dialog about technology, projects and design with a leader in the field.

Bright Lights / Big (and small) Ideas

2013 may be remembered as the year that the LEDs transformed from an undifferentiated but serviceable technology for lighting dashboards and alarm clocks to a ubiquitous and flexible communication medium that scales from micro to macro. Sure, nearly every screen we look at -- except for the old wood-paneled cathode-ray TV in the basement -- is powered by LEDs. But this year, the LED took center stage.

Signs of Success

Signs of Success (Lynbrook, N.Y.) now offers UL-approved, trimless interior/exterior LED illuminated signage. The architectural-quality signage features bright and even, variable-temperature illumination, ultra-thin stroke construction, and serviceable LEDs. Letters can be any combination of face, side, or halo illuminated and as thin as one inch.


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