Ken Carbone

Glass Artistry

Glass Artistry

Both palette and canvas, glass is infinitely mutable and eloquently transmissive. The seduction is powerful.

It is impossible to separate glass from light. It simply does not exist without light behind, below, before, above, or through it. It is that intrinsic relationship that draws designers and artists to choose glass as their medium. And as technology continually refines manufacturing techniques and lighting options, the possibilities inherent in glass are virtually limitless.

Carbone Smolan Agency

Carbona Smolan Agency (New York) completed an all-staff pro bono project for Greenmarket Co., a new initiative from nonprofit GrowNYC, the not-for-profit that operates New York City’s Greenmarket farmers markets. The goal for Greenmarket is to extend the markets’ reach by bringing fresh produce to everyone through wholesale delivery.

Carbone Smolan created a 360-degree identity system that includes four logos (one for each season), a brand pattern for the Greenmarket truck, and an in-store signage system.


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