Jan Lorenc

Podcast | Wayfinding and Environmental Graphics in Asia and the Middle East

Podcast David Vanden-Eynden + Jan Lorenc + Kevin Kern


What you will learn

Korea, China, India, Saudi Arabia, the UAE: all these areas of the developing world have seen a rapid growth in modern development. With wayfinding an extension of modernity, how do traditional cultural, political and demographic issues clash with the need to form a modern infrastructure? Learn about traditional wayfinding approaches in these countries and how designers are working to translate them to the modern world.

Terror Háza Museum

House of Terror

A Budapest museum remembers the tyrannies of the Nazi party and the Soviet-backed secret police.

The slow, viscous drip-drop of oil fills the entrance lobby with an eerie, unsettling noise. A continuous flow obscures the faces of hundreds of victims of tyranny who were tortured and killed in the very building that now memorializes them, a wing of an infamous government complex that sits at 60 Andrássy Street in Budapest, Hungary.


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